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Peter wants to enjoy his leisure time and Jerry is in search of conversation. An argument begins. I am convinced that it is utmost important to go up to someone and make contact to get out of the isolation and to work against injustice and prejudice. As you can see on the picture below “The Gates” ran through Central Park with a length of 37 kilometres and all visitors were able to go trough. In my opinion the naturalistic theatre is the absolute opposite of the absurd theatre. The story of the dog and Jerry could be seen as a parallel to the whole story. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The term “melting pot of nations” has been used widely. Social distinction and its consequences involved is a phenomenon which already existed in the middle age, 46 years ago, still exists in today’s society and will even subsist in the future. Jerry also talks about taboo themes that were normally not discussed in the 50’s. The active population is divided in two groups. Edward Albee unites these two contradictions in his story. Today it is still open for everyone and many events are organised in Central Park.

He is a well-established average American who has made his private little dreams come true. However, as soon as humans resume their use of electricity, the animals attack begin anew, this time more vicious and ferocious as ever. The theatre of absurd sets value on a fictive location and the characters do not have any personality and are often nameless. Peter is now a part of Jerry’s story and has to live with his bad conscience until he will die. Throughout this video, children will be asked to listen carefully to the detailed descriptions of some of the settings from within the Night Zookeeper story.

Oz, who lives in New York City with Chloe whom he married and their three year old son Eli, is feeling slightly gratified that his theory is finally being acknowledged and taken seriously. Peter is ashamed because in his environment they usually do not speak about homosexuality.

Somehow Jerry succeeds in pushing Peter into the possession of the knife. Those who have a job, who have to work harder to earn their living and those who are left behind due to a lack of qualification or because they simply are victims of automation and globalisation. The Americans were optimistic.

Overview. They try to hide their poverty as long as possible. I believe that this is the key to open the cages we live in.

The parallel to Jerry’s fate is evident. The vast majority of the reviews were positive and many hoped for a revitalized theatre because of it.

The fact that these people are hopeless and lonely does not necessarily mean that they are no valuable members of our society very often they are just different from the mainstream society, they are more sensitive than others and desperately striving to be accepted.
Even his appearance provides information about his social class: “He wears tweeds, smokes a pipe, carries horn-rimmed glass. This is a one-scene play, so it's all set in one place: a quiet part of Central Park on a Sunday afternoon. There was a baby boom and everybody believed in a bright future.

There are two park benches, one toward either side of the stage; they both face the audience. Symbolic meanings are fundamental to understanding the narrative: its time frame, the survival of the zoo, its midnight setting. In Germany the suicide rate is higher than the number of mortal victims in traffic accidents.

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