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“It felt inevitable to be in love with John, so I continued talking to him for months. “I could trust that Tony would never tell the press that John Mayer caused the breakup. Swearing to me up and down that he was a changed man,” she added. “Tony didn’t believe that for a second. © 2020, a division of Postmedia Network Inc. All rights reserved. Simpson couldn’t keep up with Romo’s slutting around like a pseud-star.

Start the reunion rumors. But I knew now not to let him get close enough to shoot me down again,” she added. Besides, no one wants to be related to Pete Wentz. Then, Jessica revealed, the drama with John wasn’t over. But our breakup had been so ugly that it shocked me into realizing it had been necessary.”. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

And it totally ruined the Barbie and Ken-themed party Jessica had planned.

Of course I didn’t cheat on him.

In “Open Book,” Jessica writes that she’d always tell Tony when John contacted her. Two years, gone with an email.”, “I could trust that Tony would never tell the press that John Mayer caused the breakup.
They’re hard. “Tony didn’t believe that for a second.

Jessica Simpson hit headlines last week when pics emerged showing the starlet looking a … It was getting weird as Romo began to be known as the pretty one. “Tony soon realized I was telling the truth. Find out what else Jessica dished about John Mayer in her new book. Guess the present he wanted to give most was himself out of the relationship. And it fell on my head… All this time, all those years, he was breaking up with me to torture himself enough to get good material.”. Romo got tired of the package deal of dating Jessica and her creepy, face of sheer evil dad. 6. Romo isn’t very good at getting birthday gifts. Netflix Reveals the 16 Most-Watched Movies on the Streaming Service! I hadn’t cheated on Tony at all, but I could not lie and say I hadn’t even seen him. Although because Romo is a eunuch like Ken, it might have been apropos to continue with the party anyway. Tony Romo finally came to his senses after realizing Simpson was deficient in common sense, vapid, obsessive with drugs and booze, and cost too much. Simpson needed to add relationships to her résumé of failures, which already includes movies and music (you know, because you don’t own her songs and don’t watch her movies, although I’m waiting with bated breath for that Steve Guttenberg project). ‘Nothing happened,’ I said,” Jessica wrote in her book. Earlier this morning, we shared that Harry Styles and Florence Pugh were seen hanging out in Los... Disney has just announced a brand new Cinderella-type musical called Sneakerella! Tired of being sacked again and again, Romo took it upon himself to avoid it this time. “[Tony] accused me of seeing John behind his back. “‘Nothing happened,’ I said,” Jessica wrote in her book.

He didn’t sign-up for that crap! Jessica Simpson’s spilling all of the tea in her new memoir, including the years-long mystery as to why her relationship with Tony Romo came to an abrupt end in 2009! In her new memoir, Open Book, Jessica reveals she always told Tony when John contacted her, but things fell apart when he discovered an email from the singer to his girlfriend. Of course I didn’t cheat on him. The timing apparently couldn’t have been better, as the guillotine dropped on the relationship last Thursday, the eve of Simpson’s 29th birthday.
And within that second, he broke up with me right there. The lesson here? Disney+ Announces New Modern Musical 'Sneakerella' Starring... Addison Rae Attends Yoga Class With Hailey Bieber After... Young Buck's GF Arrested, Allegedly Fired Gun During Fight... Breonna Taylor Family Attorney Ben Crump Picks Apart... Rudy Giuliani's Hand in His Pants in New 'Borat' Scene.

The timing apparently couldn’t have been better, as the guillotine dropped on the relationship last Thursday, the eve of Simpson’s 29th birthday.

Jessica Simpson may be keeping mum about swirling rumours she is pregnant. However, in 2009, she ran into John at her parents house, and Tony then found an email from him to her. Here are Gunaxin’s Top Ten reasons for the split: 10.

tap here to see other videos from our team. It would imply that he wasn’t enough for me. It all started when Jessica‘s ex, John Mayer, started to get back in touch with her. One of the most high-profile relationships involving an NFL star ended over e-mail. Welcome to Dumpsville.

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