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Top Cat: Ah. Maître D: The entrance to the speciment of his office is just there, I´ll let him know you´re coming. Congratulations. Yes I really very do. Benny: You´re really are genius, Top Cat. Choo-Choo: Check out this muffin!

Chief Thumbton: I´ve been hearing good things about you, Officer Dibble. (Benny gives the hat to Top Cat, who grabs it and puts on his head), Benny: (timidly) So... now that we´re friends and all (then excitedly) I want you to come to dinner with my Ma (beating and punching sounds are heard). Benny: We? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Get away from me (climbs a chain) What are you waiting for? Female Cat: (filling her claws) Da, so much Margherita. Top Cat: (visibly horrified) The sofa... (saves his hat from being "eaten" by the sofa ) It tried to eat me. Who put rocket fuel in your juice boxes? Leading other turists buy tickets), (Cut scene to a police station, where Officer Dibble was sitting in nervosism), Voice: (yelling) DIBBLE, GET IN HERE (Dibble zooms off to the chief of police´s office). (the scene skips some seconds, and shows Top Cat, wearing a pair of headphones while Benny´s playing the violin) of course if it´s good for business, (people start to run, by listening to the violin music, as we see a poster near the hat with the text "He stops playing by 50 cents") you may consider taking in a partner. Top Cat: Let´s divide the money, equivally (divides the money in two parts, gives the other part to Benny) This is yours, after my commission (starts to take some of the money), my agency fee, sidewalking tax, violin licence (continues taking the rest of the money, and leaves only one note), string trail. Top Cat: (pats his head) You´re a sweet kid, but truth should be told, the only true friend I seek is money, it´s not you, is just I have ambitions and envision, and you don´t. Thanks, you´re a true friend. I don´t think those are raisins!

That's more like it!

(Cut to Top Cat, holding a notepad while pretending to be a health inspector, walking by his gang members). Top Cat: (dazed) Bad Dog indeed (slightly groans), (Skip to Benny´s house, where is almost dinner time). Mr. Big: That´s not the health inspector, you idiot. (it´s shown that she likes the french language) I couldn´t never resist french. Top Cat: Excuse me, my fine feline what´s you´re attempting to do? (The Maître D steps aside the telephone, and slaps his hand then winces in slight pain), (The scene cuts now to Top Cat and the gang, currently on the elavator in direction to Mr. Big´s office when it stops and three men, who appear to be Mr. Big´s henchmen, glaring at them). Hawaii, Here We Come The Maharajah of Pookajee All That Jazz The $1,000,000 Derby The Violin Player The Missing Heir Top Cat Falls in Love A Visit from Mother Naked Town Sergeant Top Cat Choo-Choo's Romance The Unscratchables Rafeefleas The Tycoon The Long Hot Winter The Case of the Absent Anteater T.C. You know about that? (Shows Warner Bros. Pictures logo) I guess it was my mistake, apologies boys (leaves them), (Top Cat takes the notes out from the kittens´s paws). Top Cat: But no worries, you are in luck. Mrs. Ball: And... making puppets out of drying lint (shows him a puppet and makes a puppet voice) You´re very handsome (pinches Top Cat´s cheek and leaves) I´m going to get a used dishwater to drink. Biker Cat: Why should I stick my neck out for you?

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