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Let the Avalon be the large comfy car it should be.

The 2020 Toyota Avalon TRD gives the large sedan an even more aggressive exterior and the Toyota Racing Development team even worked their magic under the skin to improve how it drives. Big cars should be safe cars and the Avalon certainly is.

The Toyota Avalon is a large sedan.

You do get some TRD specific improvements on the inside that includes the like of TRD badges on the Seats, Red Stitching on Gear Stick and Seats and lot more. The operating system is quick and the 9-inch touchscreen is precise. Toyota has also stiffened the Chassis and the body has been also lowered by 0.6” making for a much lower center of gravity than the standard Avalon.

The Japanese Duo of the Lexus and the Toyota, manage to somewhat keep pace with the Alfa, while the big Caddy, just struggles to maintain pace with the others just because of its heft. There is very less to differentiate when choosing between the Toyota and the Lexus. We applaud Toyota for the Avalon TRD, since it manages to keep nearly everything that Avalon buyers want in the large sedan, but by adding the TRD parts, the Avalon TRD is now more enjoyable to drive than ever before.

It beat the Impala and Maxima quite a bit in the rear seat legroom. Toyota did its best work in the interior of the car. Also, the car’s safety ratings are very high and only really matched by the Nissan Maxima. Reduce, has got an aero body equipment and also significant-top splitter just like a sports vehicle, plus would wear 19-in. The Alfa sadly has the least space to offer in terms of the Cargo capacity but that can be blamed to its smaller proportions than the other sedans compared here. In an industry that is quickly shifting away from cars in general, the new Avalon had to be superb.

The Decklid Spoiler and the Rear Diffusers, not only add to the visual drama but ensures that the TRD feels a tad bit sportier to drive than the Avalon as well. The safety features are not trim specific and comes standard across all trims.

If we jump to the Premier trim level of the Impala, we’re looking at $36,095. The TRD trim level is also an odd choice for this sedan, and somewhat unsatisfying. If I wanted a sporty four-door car, I’d buy the Dodge Charger over the Avalon.

The Toyota Avalon has an overall width of. The shifting of the gearbox is fairly smooth and will not give you any room for excuse. The sales numbers for the large car segment would seem to show that the market agrees with me here as the Avalon is not the segment leader and finishes in the middle of the pack.

When the current generation Toyota Avalon arrived for the 2019 model year, Toyota already pushed the Avalon into new territory with its boldest exterior yet. Toyota did its best work in the interior of the car. It doesn’t work.

The fit and finish is top-notch and the interior materials are very good for a lowly Toyota. Personally, I think most of the competition offers better cars for the money. Not by much, though. However, long term reliability of Alfas is known to be not the best and when pit against the Toyota, the Alfa certainly doesn’t have a chance. With the lowered Body, Chassis and Brake updates and some exterior enhancements, the Avalon TRD, does look sporty in the flesh and feels the same while driving as well. Handling is precise and the steering is direct in terms of the feedback it offers. These two ratings alone mean that the car is very safe, but the car has plenty of good safety technology, too, and I wouldn’t want to overlook those. The Cadillac follows the Lexus next, while the surprisingly light Alfa, falls short of the rest. I was not provided with a Monroney for the Toyota Avalon TRD I drove, but I can give you ballpark figures based on Toyota’s website. Cadillac takes the numbers game in terms of the power figures when you stack it against its rivals.
The latest Camry and Corolla are both the best they’ve been in years and more sporty than ever before. It’s a good strong engine, that has more than enough power to get the job done. Surprisingly though, Toyota has managed to keep the pricing of the TRD, lower than the Standard Avalon’s Top of the line Touring trim, at just $42,300.

The Avalon comes with a lot more space than the Alfa as well and will be the one, that will win the long term race. If you jump up to the TRD trim level that I drove, you’re looking at a $42,375 price tag. however, we aren't big fans of the lag that this system has on offer and the overall intuitiveness on offer.

In Good Car Bad Car sales rankings, the car pops in next to vehicles like the Nissan Maxima, Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300, Chevrolet Impala, and Buick LaCrosse. If we were to jump up to the mid-range sporty offering, that would be the R/T, which starts at $36,890 and comes with a V8.

Vehicle images are guides only and may not reflect the model's exact specifications/features– exact specifications/features should be confirmed with the seller. There is also no shortage of storing options.

It’s a level playing field when you take into count, the range offered by all the vehicles being compared here. *2019 Model Year figures being used for reference purposes only. The big sedan is a family car that’s been focused on comfort and spaciousness. The Avalon comes with a better build than the Caddy and will stand the test of time, quite easily.

Available in two dynamic & luxurious models, the sport-tuned Avalon XSE & refined Avalon Limited AWD that also brings the elevated confidence of all-wheel-drive. All of the competitors mentioned are a little bit wider. There is also plenty of adjustment with these seats—forward, back, up and down, lumbar. .


Toyota didn’t add more power to this engine for the TRD model. That’s actually exactly what I suggest you do. The engine is the same as the other versions of the car that have it. The cabin is much improved over the previous model and felt like it was at near Lexus levels. Inside the seats also lack lateral support, which caused us to slide around a bit more than we would have liked, but then again sportier seats would make the Avalon TRD less appealing to buyers that buy the Avalon. This is the high point of the car. The regular versions of the car are better and the competition is more affordable. The car offers 42.1 inches of legroom in the front seats and 40.3 inches in the rear seats. The Cadillac XTS manages to take the top spot in terms of the cargo capacity on offer and beats the Lexus-Toyota duo by a small margin.

The new design will speak for itself. If I were to buy an Avalon, I’d not buy the TRD version.
The 2020 Toyota Avalon TRD starts at $43,330, which makes it the most expensive Avalon you can buy.

To some extent, Yes. While we don’t have the quarter-mile figures yet, we expect the TRD to be faster than the ES 350 F, courtesy of lower weight. The system also has features like Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa, Siri Eyes Free, SiriusXM, HD radio, and access to plenty of other apps.

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