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Interesting subject and thank you for the blog. We’re back! Robert Erskine Childers Several Englishmen were arrested for espionage to the Irish rebels in July, 1914, arms which served as the basis for
They had a 50-foot ketch, Asgard,

Maps of Germany’s East Frisian coastline and sea charts of the channels and sandbanks around the island of Nordeney. as First Lord of the Admiralty and Minister of War.

Carruthers and Davies return to England and Germany’s plans are revealed to the British Government. For me, with the feverish imagination of a child who spent rather too much time in his own head, these maps were a rich source of day-dreams.

The Frozen Hinterland. Time limit is exhausted. One represents the certainties of tradition, the other a return to a more dynamic form of patriotism. The book has become famous as one of the first

I took the train from Bremen and arrived at Norddeich-Mole at just after eight thirty. For me, with the feverish imagination of a child who spent rather too much time in his own head, these maps were a rich source of day-dreams.

endeavoured to bring a greater curse upon the common Track of The Sands. The content is however still present.

timeout his wife used their sailboat to smuggle Cold, shallow waters, treacherous currents and shifting sands. +  physician. The pictures in my head were so much better! followed the novel religiously. All images accessed by courtesy of Creative Commons. No, I’vd not seen the film.

Iain Sinclair's Official Unofficial Website, Pilgrimages: The Journal of Dorothy Richardson Studies.

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And Rolf.

Windfall Gorge.
by a deadly and malignant hatred for the land of his For resources and information for research visit Resources. Maps of Germany’s East Frisian coastline and sea charts of the channels and sandbanks around the island of Nordeney. one with the text) For the invasion literature itself visit Literary Works.

has done more harm or done more genuine malice or the campaign to preserve the Asgard, which is And all the time the danger of being spotted and arrested as spies. to the side and view the map as you read, and then dismiss it when His descriptions, in turn, fired my imagination and caused me to be marked by a landscape I hadn’t even visited; though in my mind it felt very familiar. We had an old copy of The Riddle of the Sands in our house when I was a boy.

It was still light, this being June, but I’d missed the last ferry to Nordeney.

Time limit is exhausted.

I walked out into the street quickly before the familiar aroma could wrap its clinging, pleading fingers around me.

Childers became an advocate of Irish Home Rule and he and Hi Bob.

I read the book when I was 18 (many years ago) and was also captivated by the descriptions and charts (the movie with Michael York was a disappointment).

}, George Tomkyns Chesney’s The Battle of Dorking (1871) was an early example, and the genre reached its peak around the turn of the century, particularly with the writings of William Le Quex, who was vigorously promoted by The Daily Mail. The Dusty Barrens. Your email address will not be published. A landscape constantly changing, but somehow always the same. Today at home in Kentucky USA my wife received a postcard from her Aunt who is holidaying on the island of Norderney which prompted me to google search the background to the book and up popped your website.

trials publicized not only the book but also I realised just how foolish the idea had been when I spoke with my hosts that evening; they were horrified at my venture were full of tales of how unwary walkers on the sands had been swept away and drowned. flying in a seaplane to the North Sea coast of Germany. Eamon de Valera, of the Irish Republican Army rebellion }.

Together they find Dollmann and discover plans for a large invasion force of German ships. = "block"; After a tour in his larger yacht, Sunbeam, Childers wrote The Riddle of the Sands, in 1903.

clerk in the House of Commons, Erskine Childers had free Davies and Carruthers, Erskine Childers’s yin and yang alter-ego, came to know these waters well, and almost died in the process. States, Childers in 1903 traveled to the United States, where he

See Davies speaks approvingly of the German Emperor: ‘By Jove!

birth.". wrote The Riddle of the Sands, in 1903.

Carruthers ends his tale at this point, making clear to the reader: “our personal history is of no concern to the outside world.” (p. 297). met and married Mollie Osgood, daughter of a Boston Of course they made several changes to the film to make it more dramatic, such as having real solders on the lighter instead of coal, and of course playing up the love angle for all it was worth.

On that latter trip, I remained on deck for 24 hours, much of the time steering the boat as we sailed up the Solent at night, the captain (Healy) being below doing the chart work and calling out changes of course etc.

In one of the most memorable sequences of The Riddle of the Sands, Davies and Carruthers paddle a small dinghy from their mooring just off Nordeney to a salvage depot on the nearby island of Memmert. in Germany in 1910--they evidently local public library for the full story. For individual posts please use the search facility. Gabriele would be in Berlin by now, with the rest of the band. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sir F.B. Childers’s great achievement is to create two of the most memorable protagonists in British spy fiction; these are characters with breadth and depth. Thanks! The characters of Davies and Carruthers are slowly revealed as the plot of The Riddle of the Sands develops. I bought a copy in my local Woolies. What captured my imagination right from the first were the pen and ink maps that illustrated the text.

So why am I recommending this book in a psychogeographic blog?

Davies suspects that Dollman is, in fact, English and works for the Germans.

and Arthur Griffith.

The book was also made into a good film When living in Ireland during the early 1990’s I visited Kilmainham Gaol where Erskine Childers Yacht Asgard, which he used in the Howth gun running of 1914, was on display. The tide had turned and I stayed on the beach watching the waters recede. The Depths of Time 2. I decided to find somewhere to wait and, perhaps, doze, then catch the first ferry in the morning. They had a 50-foot ketch,

Though I never read it again, at least not until very recently, I would still take an occasional look at those maps, as if to try to recapture something from my childhood. Their aim is to spy on Dollman and his contacts from the German navy. And, save for the odd call of a sea bird, there was a silence that was almost tangible. Have you seen the 1979 film with Michael York as Carruthers?

Lloyd explains how […] Your blog looks interesting and I shall listen to the podcasts.

I thought the film was OK, but just a pale shadow of the book.

A memorable night. tour in his larger yacht, Sunbeam, Childers

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