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Although Morgana looks remarkably human, Merlin once implied that she's probably something else (regardless if she even was human to begin with). Affiliation This means that this villain is the last to be on our Totally Dark list despite the criteria on other websites, which is because we have our own criteria. Chaos, dark magic, the Eternal Night, manipulating people, Merlin and everything related to him (formerly).

However, Morgana is definitely not done with her goals. Gunmar presents her with Angor's eye, which she uses to resurrect her assassin, restoring his soul along with portions of her own. With her minutes away from being dead anyway, she let go of the objects that she held flying, which includes a giant piece of Camelot, and allowed a giant piece to land on her brother (as well as on her), killing the both of them at the same time.

In "Party Crashers", Mary asks Darci where Jim, Claire, and Toby were. The history of Morgana, the hidden true main antagonist of Trollhunters. Gender They were all captured, including Nari. Merlin and AAARRRGGHH!!!

The Great Villains Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. afterwards, they investigated a bookstore that was one of Merlin's many places of power and refuge, seeking knowledge on the whereabouts of Nari and the Genesis Seals. Toby again mentions Morgana when he compares her strength to the god-induced Morando, believing that he was more powerful than the evil witch. In the fight that followed, Arthur accidentally cut off Morgana's left hand and she fell to her death on a shore cliff, her body washed out to sea. Morgana sadistically enjoying the chaos and destruction caused by her Eternal Night. Aka After Jim, who became a half-troll, kills off Gunmar, Morgana continues her genocidal ambitions, and tries to make several attempts to kill the heroes one last time. She says that she couldn’t stand by and do nothing. While they eventually raid GDT Arcane Books, Morgana goes to the Shadow Realm to save Arthur's soul, who she believes is mind-controlled by the Order. On her right hand are gold claw finger ring tips. as bait and set a trap for the Trollhunters to kill them all. Wanting to use this to gain Gunmar's favor over Otto, Blinky's traitorous brother, Dictatious, lies to him that the Pale Lady has blessed him with visions.

Their better days came to an end when one day Guinevere followed Morgana into the forest and accidentally stumbled into the nest of a stalkling. In the present, the Arcane Order, after brainwashing and transforming Jim completely into a monstrous troll, took the Amulet of Daylight in order to release Morgana from the Shadow Realm (as the Amulet was crafted using Morgana's left hand).

Morgana (1st time; technically)– Killed by Arthur during their cliffside skirmish, after he slices her left hand and she proceeds to fall of the cliff to her death as her body is washes off of shore Resurrected in "Lady of the Lake" by Nari; Gnome– Disintegrated by Archie's dragon fire; Numerous Knights and Civilians– Killed by Janus's explosion While she first appeared to have some sort of affinity for trolls, as she sought to bring the Eternal Night to relieve them of their petrifying weakness to the sun, but she does not actually care for them, shown when she had no such qualms destroying several Gumm-Gumms to use their dust in order to begin this fiendish ritual. After this, Skrael and Bellroc revive Arthur as the Green Knight, who shall command the Arcane Order. Following this, she swore revenge on Merlin and participated in the war between humans and trolls to free the latter. She makes Claire steal the signs repelling the Gumm-Gumms away from the troll's warehouse refuge and hide them under her bed in her room. When Gunmar successfully retrieves the Staff of Avalon from Merlin's Tomb, a wisp reveals that Morgana has been, in fact, imprisoned within a chamber hidden beneath the Heartstone itself, completely trapped and immobilized inside an amber crystal. Restored, Angor vows to finish the Trollhunter once and for all. Aja, Krel, Varvatos Vex, and Zadra killed some of Morgana's Gumm-Gumms that she sent for her attack.

After her defeat and imprisonment, Morgana developed an intense hatred towards her former master, dedicating her entire life to erase his name and all of his creations, like his champions, the Trollhunters. With almost any allegiances she makes she will easily break as she regards all of her allies as nothing more than "pawns", which she admits to Angor where Gunmar was concerned. In 1297 AD, Angor Rot sought out Morgana, asking for magic so he can help protect his village from Gunmar's war and offered a piece of his living stone in exchange. In her final moments, she tries to drag down Claire with her, but the latter throws the Skathe-Hrün to Toby who destroys it, thus rendering Morgana completely powerless and sealing her in the Shadow Realm, presumably for good. However, she strips King Arthur of his right to wield Excalibur and lifts up one of the remains of Camelot before she dies, which then crumbles and its roof falls on the dark knight. However, it is discovered that Morgana wasn't always a monster; she was once a peaceful, well-meaning, and understanding sorceress. With the Gumm-Gumm army all set for the invasion, Morgana proceeds to unleash the Eternal Night, creating a fiery twister that destroys the Heartstone and blots out the sun that allows the Gumm-Gumms to invade Arcadia, thus beginning the Eternal Night War. She can also be legitimately gloating and arrogant in herself and the power she possesses. Defenders of Arcadia Darci said that they were visiting Toby's "Uncle Marlin" somewhere (as in consoling Merlin in his tomb as Jim redirects a rush of flooding water with his sword). This was a lie, or perhaps a truth from a certain point of view. Once she is freed from her prison by Gunmar, she starts by killing several of his own followers, the Gumm-Gumms, and succeeds in seducing the now-resurrected Angor Rot into following her evil ways like he did before. At some point, Baba Yaga lost the Inferna Copula, which eventually found its way into Stricklander's hands, who then used it to do his own evil for the Janus Order. Morgana was originally motivated by her hatred of King Arthur and the rest of mankind. Morgana appears as a spirit again once Gunmar, a mind-controlled Draal, and a captive AAARRRGGHH!!!

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