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The negotiation between Ross and the stable owner is pretty much the same for both movies but the 1969 version is much more humorous. Sure there are plot differences too, but those aren't the reasons two movies about the same characters can feel so different. I will say that I really loved both versions. (Accompanying movie poster is shown) That was a funny movie! Kim Darby was ridiculous in the first version. The original was played by Kim Darby. While there are tonal inconsistencies scattered throughout the 1969 film version of True Grit when compared to both the 1968 novel and the Coen Brothers' 2010 adaptation (more on that later), there are also several differences between the events of the two films. Shia LeBeouf? Let’s face it: a lot of killings in the Old West happened because…well, there were a lot of idiot drunks, and they had guns!

He wants to be the heroic leader, but he is nevertheless out of place.

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It is why it’s a great western. Again, kind of a tough call, but I think I’m gonna go with the remake.

But they are different. True Grit (2010) runs 110 minutes and if they had pushed that time to even 140 minutes I think they could have come damn close. We cut to years later when she grows up bitter and cold, finding that her revenge is actually filled very little. Wayne, aged 62 at the time of release, was a Hollywood institution; a symbol of masculinity, heroism, and American pride.

As Mattie Ross might say, “That is a big story.”  This past week I read the original novel and then watched both movies. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Do Your Possessions Reflect Your Personality.

), Thank you for the information itself and for quick reply. Starring John Wayne, Kim Darby, Glen Campbell, True Grit, directed by Ethan Coen & Joel Coen, Starring Jeff Bridges, Hailee Steinfeld, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, A teenaged girl hires the toughest U.S. I’m almost always disappointed when they make a book I like into a movie, but the fact is, they’re very different media. Poll: Johnny Depp as Tonto in The Lone Ranger-misunderstood artist or racist superstar? Kim Darby was around 21 when cast as the 14 year old Mattie Ross, which gives Hailee Steinfield an edge since she was 13. In the remake on the other hand, Damon plays it a little different. He’s tough, he’s cunning, and he does whatever the hell he wants, which means when he really does care for somebody like Mattie, it’s all the more meaningful. When John Wayne gets drunk, it’s cute. As the reviewer correctly noted, both are wonderfully faithful to the text, lifting many passages verbatim. One is played by Jeff Corey…. But Wayne's persona had a dark side that could come out in some of his more interesting roles like Rooster. But all modern film westerns do this, it’s the style of the time, so I don’t know if we can give credit to the Coen Brothers for being more faithful to the book. NC (voiceover): But which one is truly the better character? I always felt that the 1969 version “cheated” and inserted a “Hollywood” ending, although Glen Campbell’s final scene was his only convincing and most satisfying moment. This is Ned Pepper, played in the remake by Barry Pepper…. anything other than just another hollywood face appearing in And to be fair, you can’t really judge the performances unless you judge the actor’s past. (The “Old vs. New” title card is shown, featuring an old man crossing his cane with a little boy’s baseball bat, as dramatic music plays and lightning strikes).

Here's how all three versions compare. He had every right to, of course. The story itself, catapulted by two feature adaptations as well as a John Wayne spinoff sequel (Rooster Cogburn), has become an integral fable of the Wild West – in literature and in film. After reading Charles Portis’ novel, Wayne jumped at the chance to star in True Grit and show off his acting range. However, I am happy that the Coen Brothers are getting the attention that they deserve. Likewise Matt Damon is totally PLAYED and needs to I have even heard that Portis had him in his mind when he was writing the book.
And the ending…well, we’ll get to that in a minute. By the end of the film I was cheering for Wayne like my favorite football team. So I think I have told you why I am so enthralled with this story. Currently, he is working to obtain his bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication at Towson University. I love all three versions, although I think the newest movie is more realistic. One of the men that is to be executed is an Indian; though all three are given the opportunity to offer some final words (the order of which is swapped, but the content is generally the same), the Indian's final words are cut off by the dismissive executioner. NC (voiceover): What fascinates me about this film and its remake is how different they are and yet how almost identical they are. Mattie (1969): His name is Tom Chaney.

This timeless tale of a girl seeking the help of a one-eyed cowboy won audiences over in the late 1960s. It features a lot of wit and humour, but overall is still a much bleaker and more honest film than Hathaways. Moreover, if there is a Hollywood film that follows an original novel’s dialogue and plot line more OMG, I used the R-word! No time for distractions and is extremely fixated on nothing else but getting her killer. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

NC: First, let’s look at our main character of the film…Mattie! NC (voiceover): Yep, it’s “True Grit,” the film that launched a dozen Oscars. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. But if there must be a first time, this would be the book. However, many argue that Matt Damon didn’t belong in this movie; that he didn’t look like the traditional cowboy character. There are differences, of course. She probably would be a lonely stick in the mud with little to smile at. Remakes followed i… Look at this thing!

Can I Discipline Myself to Be More Disciplined?

Mattie (2010): Well, what do you think now? Also noteworthy in this film is some brilliant character Slowly but surely he realizes his affinity for this girl and finds a need to aid her in avenging her family. NC (voiceover): Again, both are good, but I think Corey’s is a little bit more pathetic. She’s the main character, and we all know it! And I can’t see much difference between hs recent roles as After a while, that croak of his gets a little bit samey. ... and more. Also as the reviewer noted, both deviated from the text in ways that I found a little disappointing. Both films are good but to me the original is a better/more convincing story.

The oddest departure from the story is the casting of actors for Rooster Cogburn. NC (voiceover): John Wayne is the hero.

(She hands him the cash). It’s actually the fourth remake of the same film, with the original being in released in 1937. (He gets up to leave), (Cut to NC appearing in front of a desert sunset and gives a salute to the audience with his black cowboy hat before walking off toward the sunset; eventually, we see that the bottom half of him is cut off, and he looks down to notice this before reacting in surprise, so he motions with one hand to camera left to have a pair of animated shoes come out to appear under him; he resumes walking off toward the sunset with the animated shoes doing the “walking” for him). I prefer the remake, it's one of my favourite westerns. NC (voiceover): Jeff Bridges, on the other hand, has played many different kinds of roles.

Here's how the fabric of True Grit matches and differs across each of its treasured mediums. I think the remake is more true to the way it would have been in the days of “wild west” Jeff bridges became rooster cogburn as were in the first, rooster cogburn became john wayne. (He holds his head and rubs his forehead) Oh, God, I hate Westerns. Mattie (2010): I thought him slow-witted myself.

The 1969 version with John Wayne and Kim Darby and the 2010 version with Jeff Bridges and Haliee Steinfield.

Cosmo, call me a cab! Banker (2010): I would not pay $325 for a winged Pegasus. It’s the rare book that can be made into a good movie without some changes – and usually rather significant changes. It seems fitting that outlaws during the wild west would have been somewhat uneducated or dull witted, thus isolating them from the standard society and driving them into life of an outlaw. NC (voiceover): But to be honest, it left very few surprises in what you were gonna get.

Thanks for slogging through my over-long opinion….

But what the Coen Brothers and Portis are both doing is establishing a setting where words are minced, but thoughts are rampant. Related: Tombstone Vs Wyatt Earp: Which 1990s Western Biopic Is The Best? The older Mattie even intrudes within the story from time to time.

This guy (2010 Cogburn) is just all over the place, which makes him much more unpredictable. The ultimate meanings of the films also diverge by the end.
the “heavy” in either Iron Man or even Heart Burn or whatever For instance, that "Bear Man" scene was a Coen original. I’m sure when Portis wrote his novel, he was thinking more about biblical allegory than about women’s rights. He did it well. Jane Tompkins makes a great case that the western is anti-Christian and anti-woman in her book West of Everything, and I think True Grit fits her thesis.

© Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Who’s better: the Duke, or…the Dude?

The Dude (from “The Big Lebowski”): I’m the Dude! He captured so much within the role that Bridges failed to articulate imo.

True Grit, the movie that finally won Wayne his Oscar, was transparently one of those movies designed to win an old warhorse legend his Oscar. They picture the the story their way in their mind. The remake truly gives us the more uncontrollable hero, and because of that, it’s more fun to see what’s he’s gonna do and how he’s gonna do it. The other core difference really is in style and tone.

It’s absolutely great.

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This happens again in the 2010 film, but while the Texas Ranger (Damon) is killed in his first onscreen presentation, he is left with a bad scar and a headache in the latter (Rooster and Mattie abandon him in need ). In the original, she gets her revenge and everything seems great. NC (voiceover): So this creates an interesting split. My aunt resides in Dardenell, in Yell county, and I have been there, and on Mount Magazine, Mount Nebo, and the Petite Jean. It’s just when you put them back to back, the new one really does have more to offer. YIPES. NC (voiceover): Even though Barry Pepper does a really good job as the leader and seems totally legit, well, he’s going up against Robert Fucking Duvall!

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