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A lot of cultures mixed in Nigeria and being a multi-cultural country, Nigeria still preserves authentic national elements.. Photo: nairaland.com Source: Getty Images. For the most part, the terracotta is preserved in the form of scattered fragments. Westafrican Journal of Archaeology. Throughout Nok sites, there is an abundance of grinding slabs but there seems to be a low number of hand stones. Olubunmi A.O. Little is known of the original function of the pieces, but theories include ancestor portrayal, grave markers, and charms to prevent crop failure, infertility, and illness. Its content is produced independently of USA TODAY.

", The first Nok terracotta was discovered in 1928 by Colonel Dent Young, a co-owner of a mining partnership, near the village of Nok in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Many further dates were retrieved in the course of new archaeological excavations, extending the beginnings of the Nok tradition even further back in time. Shaw, Thurstan. [12], Hard pits from wild fruits have been found at many Nok sites.

The Nok sculptures of Nigeria. The Nok Culture in prehistory. [5], Because of the similarities between the two sites, archaeologist Graham Connah believes that "Nok artwork represents a style that was adopted by a range of iron-using farming societies of varying cultures, rather than being the diagnostic feature of a particular human group as has often been claimed. Archaeology News from Past Horizons, February 8. Nok: African sculpture in archaeological context. Zaria. The function of Nok terracotta sculptures is still unknown. Esiẹ Museum, Esiẹ, Irepodun Local Government Area, Kwara State. Esiẹ Museum is composed of both old and modern galleries with a combined number of around 2,000 artifacts.
Brodie, Neil, and Donna Yates. Scientific American 244(2): 154–166. i want to know d diff types of culture that is been practice in our society or country Nigeria.their believe,custom,value,norm etc and way of life of those culture 154 Adadu jacob Oron Museum is home to some of the oldest wood carvings in the continent (known as “Ekpu”) as well as relics from the Nigerian Civil War, including Ojukwu’s bunker. There is little pottery available for analysis but from the pottery that was found there is a decrease in the strictness of the ornamental band. This museum is one of Nigeria’s most notable ones based on the caliber of Nigerian artworks and artifacts in it. The number of languages currently estimated and cataloged in Nigeria is 521. Exploring the Nok enigma. So far, however, we have not found out what region, though we suspect the Sahel zone in West Africa."[9]. Many of the pieces are large vessels with intricate carvings. 2014. That is why Nok art is well known today only for the heads, both male and female, whose hairstyles are particularly detailed and refined. This museum is Nigeria’s first, established in 1945. The Nok Culture appeared in Nigeria around 1500 BC[1] and vanished under unknown circumstances around 500 AD, having lasted approximately 2,000 years.

The results of the pottery analysis can be delineated into three distinct time periods: Early, Middle, and Late. A clerk in charge of the mine had found a head and had taken it back to his home for use as a scarecrow, a role that it filled (successfully) for a year in a yam field.

Potsherds (pottery shards) are the most abundant archaeological artifacts at Nok sites. Unlike the Early Nok period the Middle Nok ceramics tend to have more variety in the rim with everted rims, open bowls, bowls with inverted rims and incised line ornaments on the rims' lips.

Antiquity, Project gallery. Language . Bilan chronologique de la culture Nok et nouvelle datations sur des sculptures. Projectile points made of either iron or stone are also absent from Nok sites. In the early steps of the Frankfurt Nok Project, researchers had difficulty finding sites to excavate. Every April, the museum hosts a “monument festival” to celebrate its cultural history.

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