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He fell on his knees, but quickly sprang up; and, though bleeding profusely, resolutely refused to quit the deck. Wasp and its battles, to understand that when it comes to the naming of ships, the U.S.S. While climbing into the rigging, two balls from the tops penetrated his skull, and came out beneath his chin. The American take on this victory was that the crews were splendidly disciplined and both had the finest of leaders, but in the in that victory depends on something else than determination and courage; and in this case the fair conclusion was it was due to superiority in power. Wasp – War of 1812 and the H.M.S. As the British leader fell and his men recoiled, Captain Blakely passed the word to board; with wild hurrahs the boarders swarmed over the hammock nettings, there was a moment’s furious struggle, the surviving British were slain or driven below, and the captain’s clerk, the highest officer left, surrendered the brig, at 3.44, just 27 minutes after the Reindeer had fired the first gun, and just 18 after the Wasp had responded. HMS Reindeer was an 18-gun Cruizer class brig-sloop, launched in 1804, captured by USS Wasp in 1814, and subsequently burnt. Reindeer was among the wounded, but kept the deck and urged his crew on in the fight. Placing one hand on his forehead, the other convulsively brandishing his sword, he exclaimed, " O God!" 198: 338: Crew: 98: 173: Size...tons: 385: 539 "Here is a disparity of force!

The attack was foiled, though the Reindeer’s marines kept answering well the American fire. Having lost besides her captain, nearly the whole of her officers and more than half her men, the Reindeer was wholly unable to oppose the Wasp's overwhelming numbers: accordingly at about four o'clock, the American crew rushed on board, and received possession of their hard-earned trophy from the captain's clerk, the senior officer alive on deck. Proudly powered by WordPress and BuddyPress. As the vessels came grinding together the men hacked and thrust at one another through the open port-holes, while the black smoke curled up from between the hulls. This she repeated four times; when, at twenty-six minutes past three, the Wasp, having put her helm alee, luffed up and commenced the action with the after carronade and others in succession. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Wasp slipped unperceived through the blockading frigates, and ran into the mouth of the English Channel, right in the thick of the English cruisers; here she remained several weeks, burning and scuttling many ships. U.S.S. Johnston Blakeley, posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. On the 28th of June, at daylight, latitude 48º36' north, longitude 11º15' west, the British 18-gun brig-sloop Reindeer, (sixteen 24-pound carronades and two sixes, ) Captain William Manners, steering with a light breeze from the north-east, discovered and chased in the west-south-west the United States ship-sloop Wasp, (sister ship to the Peacock,) Master-Commandant Johnston Blakeley. For many of them they had not previously been to sea but had on their side both enthusiasm and ambition. Wasp was built in 1813 by Cross & Merrill of Newburyport, Massachusetts and ready to launch by 1814.

Commander Johnston Blakeley would be promoted to Captain  after his death and  the Medal of Honor was awarded to him. She was a fast moving sloop-of-war, meaning that she was a smaller square-rigged sailing warship with cannons on only one deck. HMS Reindeer (also Rein Deer) was a Royal Navy 18-gun Cruizer-class brig-sloop of the Royal Navy, built by Samuel & Daniel Brent at Rotherhithe and was launched in 1804. The men worked at the guns with desperate energy, but the odds in weight of metal (3 to 2) were too great against the Reindeer, where both sides played their parts so manfully. The British crew had long served together; and Captain Manner was the idol and delight of his men.

During the War of 1812, the U.S.S. That crew was made up of almost entirely New  Englanders of youthful age, averaging only 23 years of age. American Historical Marker in North Carolina – Captain Johnston Blakeley. It was the Reindeer that fired the first 12 pound cannonade loaded with round and grape shot. Still the British commander cannot be accused of rashness; because both vessels were "sloops of war". It is, at all events, certain that during the whole war no vessel was ever better manned and commanded than this daring and resolute cruiser. Posted on June 27, 2014 by pastnow. Wasp did not immediately respond in turn, but instead, Commander Blakeley, put his helm alee; and only then returned fire, in succession, all the guns of his broadside as they bore. Wasp and the H.M.S Reindeer is recorded in history to have last only 19 minutes, but seldom is it mentioned that for two hours before the actually taking of the H.M.S. Commander Blakeley would later write: “The Reindeer was literally cut to pieces in a line with her ports.”, Medal of Honor was awarded to Captain Johnston Blakeley. The Wasp had twenty 32 pounder carronades and two long guns. Still, the U.S.S. Change ). Four ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Reindeer or Rein Deer, after the Reindeer: . The vessels were now almost touching, and putting his helm aweather, he ran the Wasp aboard on her port starboard: it is a point of little importance; all accounts agree as to the relative positions of the craft.] Captain Manners stood at his post, as resolute as ever, though wounded again and again. All people of the English stock, no matter on which side of the Atlantic they live, if they have any pride in the many feats of fierce prowess done by the men of their blood and race, should never forget this fight; although we cannot but feel grieved to find that such men–men of one race and one speech; brothers in blood, as well as in bravery–should ever have had to turn their weapons against one another. U.S.S. In fact, it was actually the fifth ship to be named the Wasp (although internet searches will sometimes refer to it mistakenly as the second ship to be named thus). "Six round shot and many grape", Captain Blakeley says, struck her hull. It’s important for those interested in the U.S.S. Ship naming was haphazard until the later assignment of that duty to the Secretary of Navy, which wouldn’t occur until 1819. The captain of the H.M.S. On June 28 1814, the USS Wasp and he HMS Reindeer fight  a vicious battle off the north-west coast of France at the mouth of the English Channel. After the mutual cannonade had lasted about half an hour, the Reindeer, owing to her disabled state, fell with her bow against the larboard quarter of the Wasp. Reindeer. She carried out two successful raiding voyages against British trade during the summer of 1814, in the course of … Enterprise in the splendid victory over the H.M.S. Going back in time slightly, it’s also important to remember that the American Navy was in its infancy having been born on 11 October 1775, when Congress decided that the Continental Navy (as it was known then) was authorized the first official ship of the United Colonies.

Theodore Roosevelt, in his classic The Naval War of 1812 describes the battle: The third of the new sloops to get to sea was the Wasp, 22, Captain  Johnston Blakely, which left Portsmouth on May 1st, with a very fine crew of 173 men, almost exclusively New Englanders; there was said not to have been a single foreign seaman on board. You are browsing the archive for USS Wasp and HMS Reindeer.

( Log Out /  Despite this, she remained on the Navy lists until 1856. Her next conquest was the William, and once again she burned that 91 ton brig as well. The destination was the English Channel. She carried one hundred and seventy-three Marines and sailors. This caused the Reindeer to become somewhat disabled and run aboard of the Wasp, her port bow against the Wasp’s quarter, in which position the Wasp raked with telling effect. All the spars were in their places. The action of the Reindeer and Wasp may be pronounced one of the best fought sloop actions of the war. and dropped lifeless on his own deck! ( Log Out /  The Wasp then steered for Lorient, to refit and renovate her crew, and on the 8th July anchored in that port.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The sinking of HMS Reindeer was one of the hardest-fought naval actions in the Anglo-American War of 1812.It took place on 28 June 1814. We should imagine, from the Wasp's acknowledged loss, that a few more had either perforated her thick sides or entered her port-hole. At that instant a ball from the Wasp’s main-top crashed through his skull, and, still clenching in his right hand the sword he had shown he could wear so worthily, with his face to the foe, he fell back on his own deck dead, while above him yet floated the flag for which he had given his life. Reindeer fought in the Napoleonic Wars before succumbing in 1814 to the guns of USS Wasp during the War of 1812 At fifteen minutes past three the Reindeer, being distant about sixty yards on the Wasp's starboard and weather quarter, opened a fire from her boat-carronade mounted on the top-gallant forecastle. At half past two the Reindeer again tacked, and, taking in her stay-sails, stood for the Wasp, who furled her royals; and, seeing that she would be weathered, at 2.50, put about in her turn and ran off, with the wind a little forward the port beam, brailing up the mizzen, while the Reindeer hoisted her flying-jib, to close, and gradually came up on the Wasp’s weather-quarter. Boxer. Theodore Roosevelt, in his classic The Naval War of 1812 … Wasp and its battles, to understand that when it comes to the naming of ships, the U.S.S. This was not his first war time naval rodeo, as he had already earned his place in naval history on board the U.S.S. and the weaker party was the assailant. By one o'clock in the afternoon the two vessels had approximated near enough to ascertain that each was an enemy; and, while one manoeuvred to gain, the other manouvered to keep, the weather-gage. He had had the perfect ingredients for commanding the Wasp. At 3.26 Captain Blakely, finding his enemy did not get on his beam, put his helm a-lee and luffed up, firing his guns from aft forward as they bore. quarter, while the boarders gathered forward, to try it with the steel. The sails and rigging of the Wasp were a good deal cut. In a line with her ports, the Reindeer was literally cut to pieces; her upper works, boats, and spare spars were one complete wreck. At about two o'clock the Wasp hoisted her colours, and fired a gun-to windward; and immediately the Reindeer, whose colours had been previously hoisted, fired a gun also to windward , as an answer to the challenge.

It would take a skilled and talented man to be in charge of them. Wasp was not first ship to carry that name. The battle between the U.S.S.

Copy of painting by Sergeant John Clymer., 1927 - 1981 - NARA - 532579.tif At 17 minutes past three, when the vessels were not sixty yards apart, the British opened the conflict, firing the shifting 12-pound carronade, loaded with round and grape. Then the English captain, already mortally wounded, but with the indomitable courage that nothing but death could conquer, cheering and rallying his men, himself sprang, sword in hand, into the rigging, to lead them on; and they followed him with a will. They were called the pride of Plymouth. The day after the conflict the prize’s foremast went by the board, and, as she was much damaged by shot, Captain Blakely burned her, put a portion of his wounded prisoners on board a neutral, and with the remainder proceeded to France, reaching l’Orient on the 8th day of July. The Reindeer was completely cut to pieces in a line with her ports; her upper works, boats, and spare spars being one entire wreck.

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