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If you are using RunGap and have one of Polar devices that support Training Load Pro (like V1 or Grit or whatever), when you import via RunGap, the workouts should get TRIMP scores and be displayed in Cardio Load report.

Durable and comfortable integrated proprietary silicone wristbands. Polar has done almost nothing worth mentioning in this new product. You can also change zone limits for pace, power, and heart rate. Serious multi-sports tracking in a smart aluminum shell. (Pocket-lint) - Smartwatch-maker Polar heeft een nieuwe wearable onthuld. Do you know if Garmin is working on any new forerunner watches? It’s NOT easy, but it seems like Polar is seriously understaffed/overwhelmed on that part, so all the junior programmers are left with is glitchy input, to then provide “neato” features outputting less-than-reliable information. Note that the numbers you see in the upper right corner are *not* the averages, but rather just the exact point my mouse is sitting over. And no dropping out/loss of connection between an iPhone XS and this Vantage V2?

It all worked very well, because it was very targeted and a literal (product) lifetime of development. Was really hoping that Polar in developing the V2 would appeal to their original userbase and fill in the gaps with the v800. Jul 2, 2020 70 183 33. Also, it helps that it’s virtually identical to the Polar Grit X in terms of underlying hardware and software – a watch I often throw into comparison lineups (such as over most of my workouts in the last few months). It is based on your heart rate and your heart rate variability, and it takes into account all stress factors of your life, including stress from training and stress caused by other aspects of life, such as poor sleep or work pressure. That’s tough. I could analyze all these sections, but you can see pretty clearly it’s bad. That fixed it all up I had no idea you could filter them! Plan your route with Komoot and import it to your Polar Vantage V2 for detailed turn-by-turn guidance. Somewhat neat though is that it does pull the correct icon for the app it’s controlling, so you can see the Spotify icon shown there – a nice touch. What I understand is that Polar went for a software update by bringing a hardware product more or less the same. would you advise to upgrade/trade in for the Vantage V?

The other new things are pretty cool but not so important. – Added New Test Hub in Polar Flow: Consolidates test results online Integrated GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS. I’d have been all over this, but for one omission. So just keep that in mind. You can also view this on the Polar Flow app: Now, when it comes to Recovery Tracking, you’ve got a binary choice between using ‘Nightly Recharge’, which is mostly focused on sleep tracking, or using Recovery Pro. They just provide it differently. – Leg Recovery Test. – monthly VO2 max test for running and for cycling

In addition to navigating with the buttons, you can also use the touchscreen to move around the menus.

Therefore I’m thinking of ditching Garmin and go for an Apex Pro or the new Vantage V2. DCR, you missed, magnetic compass is a new from V. The widget seems to show direction great – you can lock the desired direction and it shows how you are going compared to the locked one. But adjusting the power smoothing you do on the watch not in flow or the app. It actually measures how recovered your body is and offers you recovery feedback and guidance. I hope that this is not the case and that Polar will keep performance tests exclusive to the V2 as a differentiator but will bring other more general features (like the ability to hide certain watch faces) and potentially the ability to set power zones for workouts to the Grit X. I had high hopes for Vantage to be a v800 replacement (and Vm to be an M430 replacement)… I knew based on the path the past 2-3 years though, that V2 was going to be an “eh, so what” product, and yep, it’s exactly that.

It doesn’t automatically adjust the zones after the test, rather, it suggests an adjustment of zones and tells you to do it yourself. Also, for fun, while I wasn’t using the Vantage V2’s optical HR sensor, I was using the Polar OH1 Plus sensor paired to it. I think that’d do exceptionally well.

Polar says they haven’t had any reports of this happening elsewhere, and they’re digging into it. You can buy the Polar H10 heart rate monitor separately or as a set with Polar Vantage V. The Polar OH1 is an optical heart rate sensor that you can wear on your upper arm or forearm. For me it’s a much better looking watch than the V2. It uses steps for that, not the data generated if i start a Walking Sport profile that uses GPS. Great review Ray, it seems like it has features we didn’t know we needed but still want them. Polar Vantage V2 allows you to really get under the skin of who you are. So…. That’s because the Polar Vantage V2 won’t control your trainer’s resistance. Does it still uses 90 80 70 60 50% based on the max HR, or does it set zone 5 to the anaerobic threshold and zone 3 to aereobic threshold values? Sorry for the long post anyone who made it this far, these are just my perspectives, but Polar needs someone in charge of product dev that is actually listening, and has very rigorous product expectations to match what is being asked, and it just seems they don’t have that, or a team (or hardware) that can deliver anymore on the new hardware/code base.

Also, some colors tend to go deeper than others which are better at more shallow depths. Tip: You have forgotten to place the Polar Vantage V2 in depth review in the list of Polar reviews on your site. You’ll need to have a music app open on your phone for this to work.

You get a numerical value, verbal feedback and a visual bullet scale for each training load. Back to Start is only a directional instruction as arrow. Thanks! In the next few weeks, one of these companies is going to get my money and with the recent jump with the apple watch series 6, then I think it is apple which is going to get it. So zooming into a few spots during the warm-up we see some slight variances from all three. You’ll see that on the screen each time you go up/down, as well as summarized afterwards on the watch and then on the app.

Polarr is the only photo editor you need. Not sure you paid attention to the review, we know for sure in his sample, he had dropout problems with the FTP training at least twice on his power meter for cycling. Grit X was released only just 6 months ago so it’s not that old.

!” gets answered almost immediately…. Which, is basically what I saw with the Polar Grit X as well. A wide range of the best free iOS MODs made by the team at Polar Mods! I have the V (it “replaced” my v800). – Zone Pointer for power/speed zone-based workouts. – Added Weather: This is a widget of sorts that shows current weather on the watch No problem, the product comparison data is constantly updated with new products and new features added to old products!

Imagine you would like to do a planed training a day earlier or swop days. Been wrestling with an issue even Polar never answered me or tried to help me. They called it Recovery Status. I understand very well, if Polar accepted your written data about the compass existence. Lightweight and sleek Vantage V2 is from a different world compared to heavy and massive Fenix 5. It’s the scrappy “we want your business” philosophy that Polar seems to have wandered away from into limbo. I think polar need to either offer a upgrade route with a discount or continue to provide updates for the older device even if it is not all features. In this case you can pick your poison of 20/30/40/60 minutes for the core test portion. Share your training data with your coach or PT with the free Polar Flow for Coach service. With Nightly Recharge, you know whether your body is ready to go for it or if it’s better to take it easier for a day.

Basically, the idea behind this is to keep you doing something. We will see. GPS accuracy can be looked at in a number of different ways, but I prefer to look at it using a number of devices in real-world scenarios across a vast number of activities.

It is a shame that they don’t implement the diary in Vantage series, I wrote a few emails to Polar’s support about this. Komoot is a route planning and navigation app that allows you to easily discover more of the great outdoors.

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