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It’s a Grass and Poison-type, meaning it’s going to rely on having resistances against poison to give it a one-up boost from Bellossom, which is purely a Grass-type.,, If there's a move you really like that one Pokémon has that the other doesn't, then I would go with that one. Dedicated, focused and loving Pokémon GO. Bellossom’s is a pure Grass type, with slightly better defensive stats than Vileplume. :), I actually think that Vileplume looks cuter. When generation two came out, trainers had to option to evolve their Gloom into a Bellossom, a prettier Grass-type Pokemon than the flower-headed Vileplume.

Admittedly, you should never use Bellossom in UL matchups, as it costs too much Stardust to power it up. © 2016-2019 Pokémon GO Hub | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Pokémon GO Vileplume vs Bellossom: how to spend your Oddish Candy, A comprehensive guide on how to trigger EX Raids, A Comprehensive Guide to S2 Cells and Pokémon GO, Best Pokemon to use Technical Machines (TMs) on, Mega Gengar is coming to Pokémon GO on October 23, Niantic Rescinds Its Previous Statement That Pokestop Distance Changes Are Permanent, For PvP go with Bellossom, but it must be a purified version, For Gyms and Raids… power up a Frenzy Plant Venusaur instead. In Pokemon Go, you need to know this Pokemon’s maximum attack reaches 169, has a defense of 186, and stamina of 181. The latest shiny Pokemon to come to Pokemon Go is Oddish. After the Poliwrath vs Politoed duel, we should have another duel, this time the turn is for Vileplume to face Bellossom. USER GUIDE | Submitted by marcosm8 on March 14 2017, updated by Zeroghan on October 04 2019. If most of the moves you want to use are special moves or poison type (because of STAB bonus), you probably want to go with Vileplume. If I were you, I would look at the movelists for both Pokémon for the game you are playing, and compare them. :(. Although that really depends on what moves you plan to teach it..

It’s a Grass and Poison-type, meaning it’s going to rely on having resistances against poison to give it a one-up boost from Bellossom, which is purely a Grass-type. Again, we will analyze both options individually and then compare them with the current gym, raid and PvP meta in mind. Bellossom is a pure Grass type, and will therefore have a 1/2x Ground resistance (which Vileplume doesn't have because of its part Poison type).

PvPoke ranks Vileplume as #102 in Ultra League, and around the same number in Great League, which is not great, but not terrible as well. Also, Vileplume will get STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) for Poison and Grass type moves when Bellossom only gets STAB from grass moves. How to consume items and heal as a Shadow in, How to get care packages and shoot down helicopters on, Best moveset for Alolan Marowak in Pokémon Go.

Some of the better ones damage-wise are going to Acid with Leaf Blade, and Razor Leaf with Leaf Blade. Please have details. When Bellossom is in Sunny weather, it’s going to a receive a boost.

Ignoring all stats/benefits I would personally make it a bellossom simply because it takes an evolution item giving it a higher value. Overall, it has a higher defense than Vileplume, with a lower attack and overall CP.

It first showed up during the first generation. As far as uses for both, Vileplume has better stats and typically the better choice, but bellossom is a pure grass type giving it it's own benefits.

It can reach a maximum CP of 2281. Leaf Blade is a 3 bar move that’s well versed for inflicting high shield pressure in PvP and landing the unexpected charge move in PvE, but combine it with Bellossom’s mediocre stats and you got a wasted opportunity on your hands – at least in raids. PvP ranks Bellossom much higher than Vileplume, at around #74 in Great League and #110 in the Ultra League. Overall, more trainers are likely going to choose Bellossom over Vileplume. You’re probably looking for Petal Blizzard and Sludge Bomb on your Vileplume, so the chance to get a good moveset is really high if you evolve / TM through the move pool.

En inglés, su nombre proviene de las palabras vile (vil) y plume (penacho, penacho tercera acepción) o de "vileplume", nombre de la planta en la que está basado. Players are going to be running around for the better part of a week, adding this new Pokemon to their collection. The only problem we see with GL Bellossom is it’s second move: PvPoke recommends Return Normal, which is only obtained by evolving a Purified Oddish / Gloom. Although the CP difference looks significant (~200), the stats tell a different story: Situation changes a lot when you shift gears into Trainer Battle territory. Overall, it’s going to have a higher attack, but lower defense. Vileplume has better Special attack and can do more damage with its powerful grass attacks. In Pokemon Go, you’re going to find this creature has a maximum attack power of 202, with a defense of 167. Su nombre francés, Joliflor, viene de las palabras joli/e(bonita) y la palabra española "flor". While Vileplume may have a higher attack, Bellossom’s potential movesets are going to benefit it the most. The pure Grass typing is somewhat unexpected, as most opponents expect a Venusaur instead of Bellossom, and often pack Psychic attackers. Bellossom has a base weight of 5.8kg and a height of 0.41m where Vileplume weighs in at 18.6kg and is around 1.19m tall. What are all of the evolution stones and who they evolve. But alas, Return is a guaranteed move, which means less TM madness and a simpler process to unlock and adjust the second charged move.

Su nombre en japonés y francés está basado en la Rafflesia, la segunda flor más grande del mundo. Pokémon GO Hub is the biggest Pokémon GO news site, publishing several informative guides, analysis, and news articles every month. Who would you choose, vileplume or bellossom(and why)? Which Eeveeloution should I choose for my Conquest Eevee?

The best moves you’re going to find for this creature are the Razor Leaf and Sludge Bomb moves. plz help. Also, Bellossom's Grass type resistance is only 1/2x. Is there any way to choose which eeveeloution you're going to get in Pokemon Go when you evolve Eevee? If however your movelists are similar, then compare whether most of the moves are special or physical, and how many are poison type. I would choose Bellossom, just because it's cuter, hehe! It first showed up during the first generation. That being said, if you care more about stats than how cute your Pokémon looks, then you probably want to go with Vileplume because of what Jofly said. Vileplume typing is dual (Grass and Poison) and it comes with the following stats: Vileplume can learn Acid and Razor Leaf as fast moves, and Petal Blizzard, Solar Beam, Sludge Bomb and Moonblast as charge moves. Bellossom with Return and Leaf Blade is a menace for shield pressure. The process of obtaining a Shadow Oddish is not terribly complex, but it is still one additional step compared to Vileplume. Vileplume has better Special attack and can do more damage with its powerful grass attacks. Who should I choose for my Gen III team, Milotic or Walrein?

GTS Legendarys or Pokemon who arnt supposed to evolve at the level wanted at Lvl 1? Best move set for Politoed and Poliwrath and who to choose out of the two? Sorry Vileplume, but you’re out of luck here. Keep that in mind as we compare these two contenders. If you choose mostly physical moves then boosted special defence might be more useful than special attack, so choose Bellossom. That’s nearly 4-feet tall where Bellossom is 1-foot, 3-inches! Here are the move pages for generation V but you can change which one to view by clicking "other generations". In Pokemon Go, you’re going to find this creature has a maximum attack power of 202, with a defense of 167. Depending on what you’re going for, you can choose how to best mix and match these choices. Also, Vileplume will get STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) for Poison and Grass type moves when Bellossom only gets STAB from grass moves. The best moves you’re goi… Its overall stamina can reach 181, with a Max CP of 2559. You may want to select Bellossom for your first choice, especially if you’re starting to run out of room in your backpack.

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