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With the organization supporting her efforts, Nixon went on earn her Bachelor of Science degree from the State University of New York Empire State College. They had endured poverty, domestic violence, and the tragic loss of children. While incarcerated, Rev. “That’s the reason I am where I am today.”, She added: “Everyone deserves that chance. Essence magazine published an article profiling Vivian Nixon, the Executive Director of College & Community Fellowship (CCF), a nonprofit that provides help and resources to women with criminal justice histories earning college degrees.. A major gift is considered to be any donation—of art or funds—above $100,000. If we treated women like those in CCF as high-potential instead of high-risk, our society would reap the benefits of their success. What happens to a woman after she leaves the world of criminal justice or prison? It’s equally vital that this network is located off campus, where women aren’t afraid to “out” themselves as formerly incarcerated. December 18, 2012 They had virtually no education and even less hope. “The goal,” one student explained, “is to be looked at for something other than your biggest mistake.”. “I would read about these things and never understood them until I went to prison and met women who came from these communities, and whose educational opportunities … whose access to the basic things like stable parenting and knowing where they’re going to sleep at night, was a question every day for girls as young as 16. “It made me wonder, ‘How did we ever expect these women to have a chance?’”. Education is becoming more and more critical to obtain even the simplest type of employment that will sustain a livable wage.”, Nixon added, “People who work in warehouses have to have computer skills now, nothing is done manually. “I would question us to redefine what opportunity really looks like. She not only believes it, she’s seen it and she’s lived it. Nixon is the Executive Director of College & Community Fellowship (CCF), a nonprofit which focuses on assisting women with criminal justice histories earn college degrees. Essence magazine published an article profiling Vivian Nixon, the Executive Director of College & Community Fellowship (CCF), a nonprofit that provides help and resources to women with criminal justice histories earning college degrees. All Rights Reserved. Women who enroll in CCF’s programs receive academic counseling, college- level tutoring and mentoring, and programs in career development, financial literacy, community building, leadership development, artistic expression, and public policy and advocacy. This inspired her to go to law school, and she now specializes in employment law. will “weave in the story of CCF and my analysis of the policies and culture sabbatical to write a memoir about her life and experiences. While I was miserable at my job, I was doing things my parents expected of me. Vivian grew up on Long Island, New York, in a typical working class family. According to Nixon, this step is powerful because the women are forced to focus on themselves at the core level. But in connection with that opportunity, I had a community of women who believed in me, of board members and supporters of the organization who believed in me, who thought I had a right to make choices about what I wanted to do with my life, and then provided the resources so I could pursue those choices,” she said. After she was released in 2001, she got herself into college, and went on to she start working for the College and Community Fellowship — a group working to get formerly incarcerated women into college and back on track. More than 70 percent of CCF students are recovering from addiction; 75 percent are mothers; 50 percent are survivors of domestic abuse; 85 percent are women of color. them,” Nixon said. “We ask a set of questions that determines where the women are in terms of goals and dreams,” Nixon said. Nixon returned to school last year to work on a Master of In a way, I was leading a double life. “We do not discriminate based on screening of what type of (Plus, people with college degrees are more likely to vote and have higher rates of civic engagement.). In high school, Vivian joined theater groups and the chorus, setting the stage for her dream of becoming a Broadway actress. It’s not a silver bullet for the problems of our society, but it will reduce crime a great deal.”. The fund awarded Nixon and the CCF with a promoting reentry grant of $100,000 to support her leadership within the CCF, which also allowed Nixon to take a sabbatical to continue pursuing her own education. But a program offering strong, holistic support for students from underserved communities has proven one key to success. As a formerly incarcerated woman and prior CCF program participant, Rev. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. “I always knew that the first thing I was going to do when I got out was go back to school. Nixon holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the State University of New York Empire College. Reverend Vivian Nixon is the Executive Director of the College and Community Fellowship and an associate minister at Mt. CCF also plays a critical role in the lives of women impacted by the criminal justice system by training other organizations to take the same holistic approach as they do. Many talk about wanting to prove that they are not the sum of their worst actions. The turning point came one day with a knock on the door. Then I met women as old as 70 who had been living this kind of tumultuous lifestyle for years.”One thing Nixon found common between these girls and women, whether they were aged 16 or 70, was a lack of access to education, prompting Nixon to become a tutor in the prison’s education program. in their lives that led them to prison. The memoir, which Nixon hopes will be finished by next fall, Vivian Nixon There are thousands of stories like this, and all start with education. Students working through CCF — all adult women with criminal convictions — graduate at an average rate of 62 percent, with some classes as high as 93 percent (higher levels than typical public college students). This is not uncommon for students who must juggle work, school and family responsibilities, or who don’t have the skillset to succeed in a college environment. For Vivian, who never made it to the Broadway stage, leading CCF is the role of a lifetime. We address students’ myriad needs with a strong network: After graduation, our students remain in close contact, and continue to attend our events and meetings. Most CCF students are also women of color, because Latino populations are incarcerated at 1.5 times the rate of white Americans, and black Americans are incarcerated at a whopping eight times the rate of whites; our student population reflects overall prison demographics. Became The Unfiltered Mouthpiece For His Father. Zion AMEC in New York City. She is a Columbia University Community Scholar and a recipient of the John Jay Medal for Justice, the Ascend Fellowship at the Aspen Institute, the Soros Justice Fellowship, and the Petra Foundation Fellowship. There are people who have not found the right opportunity Now, she is the executive director. In the next week, the Obama administration will let, Vivian Nixon College Community Fellowship Prison Women, With 13 days left before the election, the Trump family is all hands on deck: Ivanka is learning guitar, Tiffany is reminding us she has gay friends, Eric, On October 20, House Republicans redefined the meaning of grasping for straws. Vivian Nixon knows first hand. I had a purpose.”. When I was released from prison in 2001, CCF was the first place I called. Accor, On Tuesday, a police officer in Miami was seen at a polling site armed, in full uniform, and wearing a red, white, and blue face mask emblazoned with the w, On Monday, news broke that Jeffrey Toobin, a writer for the New Yorker and a political analyst for CNN, had been suspended. The Art for Justice grant Our concern is to revisit the person that has “The reason I was able to move away from a path of self-destruction is because I had opportunity placed in front of me. Zion AMEC in New York City. ... She interviewed for a job with the non-profit College and Community Fellowship. Our program for formerly incarcerated women is a model for improving graduation rates for non-traditional students. undeserving people. “It also means opening doors to new opportunities for me in The reason given was because he, After a series of concerning tampering with drop boxes all over the U.S., authorities are now investigating a fire in an official ballot drop box located i, Assuring a small crowd that she does, in fact, have some gay friends, Tiffany Trump took a chaotically hands-on role in her father’s reelection campaign, In a recent interview, Ivanka Trump admitted that, during the pandemic, she and her family have “reconnected to some of life’s simple pleasures.” Thi, Remote control mute buttons across the country were put to good use during Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s first presidential debate on September 29. She is on Twitter . Nixon is uniquely positioned to ensure that justice-involved women and their families have a better future. Following her release, she was ordained by the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC) and currently serves as an associate minister at Mt. This year ... College & Community Fellowship. Yet it’s about much more than earning a diploma. Not to impose on [these women] the opportunity that society feels is best for them,” Nixon told ESSENCE. The Reverend Vivian Nixon is Executive Director of College and Community Fellowship (CCF), an organization committed to removing individual and structural barriers to higher education for women with criminal record histories and their families. She interviewed for a job with the non-profit College and Community Fellowship. Our results show it is imperative for formerly incarcerated women to have a network of peers who can provide support and guidance. Rev. She was convicted and sentenced to up to 7 years in prison. She is on Twitter . For our students, a college education means a stable future for themselves and their families: As of 2017, 83.3 percent of our students live at or below 200 percent of the national poverty level. Less known is the astronomical rate at which incarceration of women has increased over the past 20 years: It has risen over 700 percent from 1990 to 2014 — and most of these women have high rates of past trauma and abuse. Read more about Nixon and the amazing work being done by CCF here.

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