vlr true ending explained

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Yes, I know all these are extreme stretches, and they're not the best answers to your questions.

The thing about sending bodies through time is what I was referring to throughout this whole post. 1. what happens to diana and sigma in the true ending?

In 999's True End, Akane and Aoi make the NG2 so that it can exist as a possible future for Junpei and the gang. I've never officially posted it on the subreddit, but this is something I've mentioned before many times in comments of other posts. (I'm spitballing here, but... Santa, Seven, Ace, and Snake remember both Akane alive and dead. Except the time travel IS the morphogenetic fields.

New players don't need to be playing this game. They don't have time machines!! Join the *Discord* ►► https://discord.gg/QjJvntD ◄ --- ► Click to Subscribe https://goo.gl/liyEde ◄◄Donations Link ►► https://Streamlabs.com/NinjaKuma ◄◄(Donation Messages appear on screen! Sorry for the rambling, I hope this makes some sort of sense. Whether Seven was working with Akane, or if Akane messed with his recollection of the events, is unclear, and I'm not totally sure why she exists in the timelines where she does die (but that is why she disappeared in Safe). I had also read a tweet by Uchi himself describing how he wanted to explain the Bootstrap Paradox, since it has an "elegant solution" to it.

So some weird 'ghost' of Akane could exist there, as long as those present didn't know she died. The "Akane projecting herself" theory was my first idea for what happened in that game.

It would be too out there. Is there really any sign that this stupid theory is even possible given what we see in VLR? Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. But the thing is that Sigma and Phi are from the future 100% of the time. I think a lot. SPOILER WARNING This wiki contains unmarked spoilers! This is how Uchi could solve the Bootstrap Paradox. Just like in 999. Now I get what he means about not every player reaching the special ending, but that combined with how 999 and VLR spoilers are skirted around in the game just left me with a sour taste. You can only travel by mind, but all you'd do is make a paradox!!! When she's alive, she plans it with Aoi and must make it a possibility for Junpei during the Game's endings. I`m just asking myself... Akane survived the incinerator 9 years ago to recreate the future so that Junpei can save here. So my point is that Akane - or at least some projection of her - is in the NG2 because she saw herself there via Junpei. KYLE: Then today is the last day of the AB Project. My theory is that the Ambidex Edition has to be a possible future in every single ending in Zero Time Dilemma. Thanks for reading.

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Everyone here knows the story of 999: Junpei gets kidnapped and brought to Building Q so that he may connect with Akane from 9 years in the past and save her from burning alive. Again, too lazy busy to do anything. But the question still persisted... How is Akane alive in the endings that Junpei doesn't save her in the past? Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). How would AB Game be created? As for everyone dying in ZTD, by the power of you-know-who we can make realities that seem similar but different from each orher. There are two possible reasons for this: He's an accomplice, which The Nonary Game hints at in the epilogue, or Akane messed with his memories using the Morphogenetic Field. This scene right here has been nagging at me for almost 2 years. Every different decision you make happens, along with all the consequences. It's this idea that the entire perspective of the NG2 changes by your actions in the True End, changing the past. The rest of the cast did not know Akane before hand. It could also have just been it's own game/story without 999. For the other ones, who knows.

But the thing is that they're possibilities, and that's what I'm trying to get across: if the possibility somehow still exists, it should be taken into consideration. 2. wouldnt there have been some way to save diana, sigma, delta and phi from the timeline where they are trapped in the shelter forever? Instead I want to analyze motive. TL;DR the True Ending of ZTD must be followed by the Game in VLR regardless. And for the AG................ well, what is it? How the fuck are you planning to do this?! I guess stuff like that is called the bootstrap paradox. And if she's already alive in the True ending, why make the 2nd Nonary Game [NG2] anyways? Finding Akane's body was a lie. [999/VLR Spoilers] Clover Field's Cat: A Theory on the True Ending of "Zero Time Dilemma" and an Examination on our Perspective of the "Zero Escape" Series's Current — and Possible — State of Its Lore. I don't know how it could have been done, but one idea is that, without other ESPers, Clover could train her mind to connect to Light, regardless of present or future, and through plot contrivances make it so that they exist in the present. But where`s the origin? Did you pull it out of your ass? the Ambidex Edition has to be a possible future in every single ending in Zero Time Dilemma. For example, there would be a timeline where every participant would die.

How the fuck are you planning to do this?! Detective Cawotte explained things pretty well, just got done playing the first game myself. I.E a sealed box. When I learned about Schrödinger's Cat, I decided to drop it for this one, since it's the one already confirmed.

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