what causes muscle spasms

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These are very common and can affect any muscle. Reversing Diabetes Naturally – and it costs nothing! CORONAVIRUS: UPDATED VISITOR RESTRICTIONS, INCREASED SAFETY MEASURES + COVID-19 TESTING. If the population had sufficient Mg levels, hospitals would be half empty! Stress and trauma of any type such as mental, physical, environmental and emotional will massively deplete Mg levels. To be in control of your health and know as much as your doctor does about your body and your conditions, you must research and educate yourself. Hi Mariah and it’s good to hear that your doctor was happy to advise you about magnesium. Skeletal muscles cramps or spasms tend to last only a few seconds, and the patient feels the need to stretch the muscle to resolve the spasm. Research has shown that vitamin K2 with the aid of Mg and vitamin D3, can actively reduce Ca deposits.

Mg is affected greatly by this practice whereas Ca is more resilient. It happens quite often when I was trying to jog. But when dehydration occurs in the…, Running works many leg muscles and also puts a strain on the knees and back. Make an appointment with your doctor if your twitching becomes a chronic or persistent issue. It is an enzyme released into the bloodstream by irritated or damaged muscle tissue. Most people are at risk for developing a muscle spasm at one time in their life, from infant colic to kidney stones. I can’t see how messing with the banana can make its mineral content higher though. I believe that so many people don’t realise fully just what we put into our bodies and what we might be lacking.

In general I am healthy but have Type 2 diabetes. Now instead of sugar, I take honey. Spasms may typically last from seconds to 15 minutes or longer, and may recur multiple times before going away. I had no idea that magnesium deficiency was the cause of so many different problems. Spasms may occur when a muscle is overused, tired, previously injured, or strained. Some people experience muscle cramps in the legs during the night. Some farmed fish is better than others but it is generally a better idea to pay more for fish caught in the wild. I wonder if your MD is an ND too, a naturopathic doctor as well as a medical doctor. Smooth muscle moves portions of hollow structures inside the body. Since your response to my post I have checked out issues to do with Magnesium deficiency, discussed it with my doctor, who to my surprise said that my research appeared to be valid, go ahead! Those who are most at risk are: People who have certain health conditions, such as nerve disorders or thyroid-related problems, also tend to experience a higher-than-average frequency of muscle spasms. But now that I’m running my own business, and don’t even have the time to get out of my home, everything I eat sole depends on me now, and I’ve been encouraged to avoid processed meals at all cost, something my life depended on in the past. Two important minerals have much to do with muscle spasms, although other deficiencies and imbalances of nutrients can exacerbate the condition. Electrolyte imbalances in potassium, magnesium and calcium. Perhaps you hadn’t thought of some of these body parts, especially the last one, but they can all point to one single deficiency. Drinking enough water can help you burn fat and increase your energy levels. Coronary artery spasms are brief and temporary. It’s quite scary what could be going on inside the body. We always treat the symptoms and never look for the root of the problem. But that’s not what the pharmaceuticals want is it! You can then make informed decisions about your treatment and nutritional needs. My one foot will suddenly just start freezing in excruciating pains as if the muscles in them were intertwining together. Most vegetables have Ca in them, as do nuts and seeds. is worth reading. Have a look at vitamin K2 benefits. Follow the money! Consequently, our crops don’t contain as much Mg as 100 years ago. It can occur when there is inadequate hydration, exercise, extreme temperatures, and disease.

But first watch this short video about the cause of blood pressure. It follows…. Gently stretching or massaging the affected area or using a heat or ice pack may help. Causes of Muscle Spasms are a mystery to many people but there is an answer to most muscle spasms or cramping problems. After reading your article, I think I will start taking the supplement as soon as possible. If muscle spasms are prolonged and ongoing, there may be a concern that muscle breakdown and damage is occurring.

It can also occur in hollow organs such as the heart. The good news is that 3.5 ounces of Almonds contain 270 mg of Mg. Other nuts and seeds are also high in Mg and I love nuts and seeds so from now on my diet is going to include more. I’m very interested in Fibromyalgia, a condition which seems to have progressed from fibrositis.

Prevention is the key to most skeletal muscle spasm episodes. Mg is magnesium and Ca is calcium. This is what Dr Thomas Edward Levy, M.D., J.D says about Mg deficiency: Dr Levy is a board certified cardiologist. Don’t be one of the statistics. Those taking a magnesium supplement are happy to report that their sex life often improves with quicker and more intense orgasms. After reading your article I checked on a couple of other sites and found that for males 51+ years of age the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of Mg is 420mg. Can Sepsis Be Cured? Do you have any of these symptoms? This is apart from the arteries of our extremities such as arms and legs. as i suffer in the evenings with this problem.

Drugs are more lucrative for the pharmaceuticals and they will encourage their use for the sake of profits. Isaac’s syndrome affects the nerves that stimulate muscle fibers, resulting in frequent muscle twitching. But let’s think where else muscle spasms can occur in the body. While the cramping sensation tends to pass within several minutes or so, the muscle may continue to hurt for some time afterward. Our 37.2 trillion cells are crying out for it. Meat is almost taken off my diet, but I can have it once in 2 weeks. What is causing the pain could be the stomach’s inability to relax muscles in the area. I seem to spend a lot of time pretty stressed out, so I’m glad I found out that stress causes the body to use up a lot of magnesium. Do you think vegetarian lifestyle affect the muscle spasms too? I’m 34 years old now, but it’s also true that my diet has greatly changed. This page explains exactly how much water you should drink in a day. Smooth muscles that are within the walls of hollow organs (like the colon) can go into spasm, causing significant, A special form of muscle spasms are the dystonias where an abnormality perhaps exists with the chemicals that help transmit signals within the brain. The following are further signs and symptoms of dehydration.

Usually, it's just a momentary repetitive contraction of just a few muscle fibers of a larger muscle in a localized area served by one nerve fiber. calcium carbonate (CaCO3), the same as the white cliffs of Dover! That’s why it’s so expensive. Spasms can be caused by various medical conditions and abnormal activity of the muscle or nerve.

Muscle spasms are most commonly muscle cramps that are associated with pain. As for stomach cramp, it could be to do with digestion. Don’t take Ca supplements, that includes OTC products such as antacids.

If you don’t want to buy it, go onto youtube and you will find quite a few videos of Dr Fung explaining the process. If cramping affects the quadriceps — the muscles at the front of the thigh — the person can try holding the foot of the affected leg behind them and gently pulling it up toward their buttocks, keeping the knees together. More severe muscle twitching, however, is often the result of a serious condition.

A coronary artery spasm is a sudden tightening of the muscles within the arteries of your heart. Skeletal muscle spasm usually involves muscles that are being asked to do excessive work. They are often associated with nausea and vomiting and these symptoms may also require treatment. A lack of Mg will do just that. Why do my joints crack?

Acetylcholine is the chemical that is the anti-adrenaline and is involved in the parasympathetic nervous system that acts to calm us down. Great to hear that you’re off the processed foods. Cookie Settings Medical conditions. MS is treated with disease-modifying therapies. Our diet is too rich in Ca purely because the Mg content in our food is so low. Please let me know how you get on. For example, first aid for a hamstring spasm (where the muscles in the back of the thigh are affected) includes straightening the knee joint and flexing the hip, which stretches the muscles and helps resolve their spasm. Unless, of course, they have adequate Mg levels in relation to Ca levels. All in all we are ingesting too much Ca, much of which is just chalk Calcium carbonate, but we’re not getting enough of Mg. ©1996-2020 MedicineNet, Inc. All rights reserved. It’s not what you think!

While I was living the office lifestyle, I barely had time to prepare my own meals.

Overexercising, dehydration, and stress are the most common causes. However, they can potentially lead to further heart complications, such as a heart attack. But that short video was really informative. Most muscle twitches go unnoticed and aren’t cause for concern. Do you agree?Thank you, I await your comments. The most common sites for muscle spasms are the thighs, calves, foot arches, hands, arms, abdomen and sometimes along the ribcage. It is also estimated that 80% of the population of the US is Mg deficient. Chalk is not easily bio-available. This article lists 7 symptoms of magnesium deficiency. Usually, the spasms will occur in the large muscles that are strained, being asked to do the work. Common causes of muscle twitching include the following: These common causes of muscle spasms are usually minor conditions that easily resolve. That’s why so many of us suffer from calcifications in our bodies, not least our cardiovascular system. Those cramps are a good indication that you are Mg deficient.

You’re right; muscle spasms are unusual and it can be really hard to pin down WHY you’re having them. I’ve integrated oranges in my meals and any other fruits I can lay my hands on and developed so much passion for vegetables. These minerals are magnesium (Mg) and calcium (Ca). When this occurs associated with heat exposure, the condition is also known as heat cramps. Mg is necessary to control the entry of Ca into our cells. How lucky you have such an up to date doctor who is open minded. While I was living the office lifestyle, I barely had time to prepare my own meals. However, you may need treatment if one of the more serious conditions is causing your muscle twitching. What is Magnesium Chloride? Your doctor may recommend a lower dosage or switch you to another medication.

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