what is wind in science

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[32], A monsoon is a seasonal prevailing wind that lasts for several months within tropical regions.

[53] Winds that flow over mountains down into lower elevations are known as downslope winds.

When the temperature onshore cools below the temperature offshore, the pressure over the water will be lower than that of the land, establishing a land breeze, as long as an onshore wind is not strong enough to oppose it. axis     The line about which something rotates. [51] Cool winds accelerating through mountain gaps have been given regional names.
Its direction, temperature and speed all offer valuable clues about the state of the atmosphere. courses that prepare you to earn just create an account. 3.10). But essential to all are changes in air pressure.

The stream of particles varies in temperature and speed with the passage of time.

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Wind also affects the spread of wildfires. air pressure     The force exerted by the weight of air molecules. Therefore, a northeast wind will be depicted with a line extending from the cloud circle to the northeast, with flags indicating wind speed on the northeast end of this line.

That same stack of air — still weighing the same amount — will now be shorter and denser. Wind engineering describes the study of the effects of the wind on the built environment, including buildings, bridges and other man-made objects. From December through February, the sun doesn’t reach the North Pole. Let us start with first defining what wind is. It is commonly observed near microbursts and downbursts caused by thunderstorms,[68] weather fronts, areas of locally higher low level winds referred to as low level jets, near mountains,[69] radiation inversions that occur because of clear skies and calm winds, buildings,[70] wind turbines,[71] and sailboats. | {{course.flashcardSetCount}} Atmospheric scientists refer to this flowing pool of cold air and low pressure as the polar vortex. Peels surface off some roofs; some damage to gutters or siding; branches broken off trees; shallow-rooted trees pushed over.

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