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They landed on island Seriphos. Perseus Constellation. In the 19th century, the constellation was known as Perseus et Caput Medusae (Perseus and the Head of Medusa). When we talk about its family, his herd is his namesake and is also called Perseus and is home to the above said stars along with Cepheus, Cetus, Lacerta, and Pegasus. And if you have a news tip, correction or comment, let us know at: [email protected] Watch live: NASA talks OSIRIS-REx asteroid sampling plan today.

Due to its connection to several different myths in Greek history, Perseus is also placed by Pegasus, a white-winged horse that happens to be his fellow companion. Visit our corporate site. Ford 2011–2020. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device, Name a Star - an excellent gift for any occasion. The shower is caused by Earth's passage through debris left over from the Comet Swift-Tuttle, which last passed closely by Earth in 1992. Perseus therefore pulled the head of the Medusa out of the opaque bag and turned his rival into stone. Perseus is relatively bright and can be at least partially viewed even in well lit areas. In the Northern Hemisphere, look to the fall and winter sky after sundown, and you'll see the Perseus constellation.

Its brightest star is Mirfak ("elbow" in Arabic), but its most famous star is Algol, better known as the Demon Star. Close Menu. The Perseus constellation is part of 88 constellations defined by the IAU. In Greek mythology, Perseus was the husband of Andromeda, who is

In October and November Perseus will be visible low on the horizon in the north-east around 8pm, by 3am the constellation will be directly overhead before moving towards the north-western horizon.

It is home to thousands of galaxies and one of the most massive objects known in the universe. Perseus is perhaps best known for the Perseid meteor shower, one of the best A glance at the sky full of stars amazes us to the core and fills us with ecstasy never experienced before, and a mysterious bliss overpowers you. The story of this constellation is associated with Greek hero Perseus. The Perseus cluster is one of the most massive gravity-bound objects in the solar system and a region of high scientific interest. The Little Dumbbell and California nebulae are located within the Perseus constellation.

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Perseus has been recognized as a constellation for at least 2,000 years. We will ship your star-naming documents the same day. Binary Star. annual meteor showers, whose radiant lies close to η-Per. Cetus) and slew the Gorgon Medusa, from whose body sprang the winged Algol is a "variable star," which means it brightens and dims with regularity that's visible to the naked eye.

That wave looked like an enormous version of waves that scientists are familiar with, called Kelvin-Helmholtz waves, which occur when two fluids flow past each other, like wind blowing over water. Home Your Sky Constellations List Perseus. Perseus has an interesting history, and it was Ptolemy, the Father of eighty-eight subjects who cataloged it in the second century.

According to Greek mythology, Perseus was the son of Zeus and Danae, daughter of the king of Argos, Ancrisius. Germany.

The award of the brightest star in Perseus constellation goes to Mirfak, Alpha Persei, with an associated magnitude of 1.79. The debris, made up of mostly sand-size pieces, careens into our atmosphere at 133,200 mph (214,400 kilometers per hour) and burns up, becoming "shooting stars," or meteors. It could be seen throughout the year between +90° and -35°.

"The Perseids are a major meteor shower and one of the best and most reliable of the year," said Rick Fienberg from the American Astronomical Society. Website designed by Regular Price:

Perseus has an interesting history, and it was Ptolemy, the Father of eighty-eight subjects who cataloged it in the second century. Zeus fell in love with her, and since it was not able to reach out to her, he disguised in golden rain. On the way home, Perseus passed by the virgin Andromeda, who was chained to a rock by her father, Cepheus, as a sacrifice to the sea monster Cetus.

It is prominent from dark sites, having 16 stars of fourth magnitude or brighter. The best time to look for it is when the sky is bright and night starry during winter and springtime.

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represented beside him on the sky. He was the son of Zeus and Danae, and grandson to Acrisius. here.

Contact us. The star Algol (derived from the Arabic "Ras al Ghul", "Head of the Demon") represents the head of Medusa. 100% Free Returns! Checkout. The reason is the nature’s message which reaches your heart, and you feel elated but wait, your life pumping machine receives the signal but could not decode it.

The king of the island accepted the two benevolently but tried again and again to persuade the beautiful Danae to marry. Among these, the most celebrated are NGC 884 and NGC 869, known as … clusters. It is one of the larger northern constellations and is popular for its Perseid meteor shower. The shower happens as a result of Earth passing through a trail of debris left by the comet Swift-Tuttle. The famous star Algol that is contained in this constellation is actually the head of Medusa, that Perseus has cut off. Star in a constellation.

Perseus is an ancient Greek hero who was known for defeating Medusa. EDT, Light Perseus returned to Seriphus and rescued his mother, accidentally killed Acrisius (thus fulfilling the prophecy) and ended up venturing to Danae's home of Argos, where the hero became king. The brightest star of this constellation is Algol, but Perseus is actually most famous for its annual meteor shower Perseid.

Visible Star. Below is the list of constellations visible at 9 pm each month. He is the son of the daughter of King Acrisius, Danae. 80.66°W

Perseus is located in the Milky Way, and it lies between Giraffe, Aries, Cassiopeia, Triangle and Charioteer constellations. She became pregnant once the rain felt into her lap. The Perseus constellation is a boreal constellation that gets its name from Greek mythology.

This is a system of two stars where one star revolves around the other. Home Show sub menu. Perseus is the 24th largest constellation in the night sky and it lies in the first quadrant of the northern hemisphere.

The star is very bright and reddish.

Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? The constellation Perseus was named after the Greek hero who defeated the deadly Medusa. . This displeased Perseus, but the king denied his plan to him.


You will receive a verification email shortly. The Perseids occur from mid July to mid August, at times one meteor can be seen every minute.

Athena, who was actually responsible for turning Medusa into a monster, provided the Hero with the necessary tools so he could easily kill her.

Today, it's called Perseus the Hero or simply Perseus (Per. The celestial hero Perseus boarders the constellations Aries and Taurus to the south, Auriga to the east, Cassiopeia to the north, and the Andromeda galaxy to the west.. Perseus occupies an area of 615 square degrees.

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Each year the Perseid meteor shower appears to radiate from this constellation. Algol (from the Arabic رأس الغول Ra's al-Ghul, which means The Demon's Head), also known by its Bayer designation Beta Persei, is the best-known star in Perseus. Space is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Athena, however, who had transformed the once charming Medusa into the monster, provided Perseus with an effective equipment, knowing that he was also a son of her beloved father Zeus. On the way, Perseus rescued Andromeda, a princess in Ethiopia, from a sea monster (the hero ended up marrying her, and the galaxy that bears her name appears in the sky close to the Perseus constellation).

Andromeda was rescued and she, later on, became his wife.

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