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RIPPON: The first competition I ever watched was ’98, so I never grew up with her, but once I went back and started watching things, I’ll always remember that opening at 1991 nationals with the “Batman” theme and that mint green dress. RIPPON: You know, I think that I was really impressed with Zagitova, I thought she skated very well, but I do have to say the way that Medvedeva handled herself as like a two-time world champion, and then to go out and skate two clean programs, I just felt she had a lot of substance to her skating maybe her style wasn’t the I don’t know, wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea. I fell down more times than I stood up. But I do think that the pressures of someone like me and someone like Brian Boitano or Jeffrey Buttle are so different. Which is something you’ve certainly done as well, sometimes in ways that were controversial, particularly during the Olympics. Just skating for myself. BLADE: You say in the book you and (figure skater) Ashley Wagner were close friends.

RIPPON: Maybe once or twice a month now. RIPPON: I just feel like it’s perfect timing. I mean especially compared to somebody like Brian Boitano in the ‘80s. There is no job you’ll have that feels as difficult as being an athlete. Adam hails from Scranton, PA. During a 2016 interview with Penn Live, he opened up about the love he has for his home state. I just thought it opened the door for a lot of really cool ideas. There are three rinks and one is all the way at the end in the corner and they blocked it off and had security and everything but yeah, it was fully nude, and for the first two minutes it was like, “Isn’t it weird that I can see my dick and I’m skating,” but then you get going and you’re like it doesn’t really become a thing anymore and nobody’s really fazed by it because they’ve shot like a million naked athletes before so it’s a very cool experience. To read our full stories, please turn off your ad blocker.We'd really appreciate it. Joey DiGuglielmo is the Features Editor for the Washington Blade. BLADE: What would you like to be doing in 10 years? Somebody like her, who has such a powerful voice—it means a lot to a lot of people that she’s using it for really important causes. BLADE: How often are you on the ice these days? Most recently, Ellie Kemper’s book [My Squirrel Days] had me laughing out loud, and of course there’s Tina Fey’s Bossypants. But I’m grateful for those times. So I’ve been going for like the past month and have been working out pretty regularly with my old trainer again and, of course, the workouts are totally different, because it’s no longer about trying to be as good a skater as possible. Click the AdBlock Plus button on your browser and select Enabled on this site. So I tried to find ways to cut corners, and my gym had apples and tea. BLADE: Is he approachable or kind of in his own world? Phenomenal. How’d you get to that point and how did you get through it? And it’s a collared shirt because I’m at a wedding and I’m not a monster. Adam Rippon. Adam RipponAlina ZagitovaBeutiful on the OutsideBrian BoitanoDancing With The StarsEteri TutberidzeEvgenia MedvedevaGus KenworthyJeffrey ButtleJohnny WierMargot RobbieMariah BellMichael PhelpsNancy KerriganNathan ChenSixth & I Historic SynagogueTonya Harding. Sometimes if I have a day off, I’ll go work with one of the skaters I used to train with, Mariah Bell. While you’re just sitting there in kiss and cry, they want the sponsor logo to be visible on TV.

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