why is caillou bald

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If your Boyfriend could be an Anime or Creepypasta Character, who would it be? Share your views and opinions with us through the dedicated comment section that we have for you below. They stated that Caillou was initially created as a nine-month old baby, and the showrunners believed he would no longer be recognisable to viewers if they gave him hair as he got older.

As per them, by being bald, Caillou can “represent all kids,” but this theory hasn’t gone down with the masses. Another reason that the people behind that show and book on which the show is based have given is that in the original book, he was nine months old, an age where kids usually do not have hair. Will the movie Emoji prove to be an attraction for children. Caillou was drawn as a nine-month-old baby. why is Caillou bald? Not only does Caillou sing “each day I grow some more,” but before the shows theme song begins , his mother says “you’re getting to be a big boy!”, which gives the theme song a new perspective. The show aired for 13 years, from 1997 to 2010. My judgment is based upon the outstanding evidence. So, he went on to become popular as a little bald boy and the bosses wanted to use Caillou's baldness to send powerful messages. The show revolves around the main character, Caillou, who lives with his mother, father, and younger sister Rosie. Are you satisfied with the answer? An urban legend associated with the cartoon said that there is a hidden story and the reason why Caillou is bald headed is that he has cancer. After the first season however, the narrator is an unseen character. To find the real reason why Caillou doesn’t have hair, we have to go back to the books where the character was lifted from. The toddler is a fan favourite, encouraging viewers to follow him as he explores the world.

Why is Caillour Bald? Top 10 Cutest Pokemon That Impressing You Most, Top 9 Most Popular Re: Zero Characters You Should Not Miss. Explanation: Hope this helps♥️ As a result, rumors, myths and false stories have emerged around Caillou’s baldness. An urban legend associated with the cartoon said that there is a hidden story and the reason why Caillou is bald headed is that he has cancer. Since first premiering in 1997, the cartoon has made countless kids laugh and adults mad with his antics.

One popular myth is that the beloved character has cancer, whose treatment leaves patients without hair. It is a question that has been asked many times, and not appropriately answered.

All Rights Reserved. CAILLOU is an educational children's television series which began in 1997 and ended in 2010. He was first illustrated as a nine-month-old baby, and inevitably over time he got older.

One of the messages the writers wanted to send to children is that even though Caillou's baldness makes him different, it's perfectly normal to stand out and be unlike everyone else.

Caillou is no longer airing on television, but fans can purchase the episodes on Amazon Prime Video. It seems rather appropriate that the show carries the name of the main character.
The official website also states that "Christine L’Heureux named the character to honour Françoise Dolto’s work and contribution". Even at four years of age, Caillou is just as bald as he was on the day he was born. The show was first shown on Canadian networks Télétoon and Teletoo, before it was moved to Treehouse TV.

They stated that Caillou was initially created as a nine-month old baby, and the showrunners believed he would no longer be recognisable to viewers if they gave him hair as he got older. The Huffington Post reported in 2019 that a fan asked Google how tall Caillou is, and it replied with an astounding five feet, 11 inches tall.

Here’s a picture of himself doing an unknown action pose. 30 Opinions. Realistically speaking, Caillou is approximately between two and four feet, the average height for a four-year-old boy. It was based on the books of Hélène Desputeaux – a Canadian educator, writer and illustrator. Hey everybody I recommend you get any light source you want because we are about to shed light on some sh*t about Caillou. Caillou is a Canadian TV series based on books written by French-Canadian author Hélène Desputeaux.

Not often do we find bald four year old kids. What do you think is the real reason that he is bald? It was however decided that giving him hair would transform him into a character unrecognizable to kids. The reason Caillou is bald is not because of some mysterious reason or oversight.

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Every episode takes us through a different adventure oftentimes combining animation, puppet skits, and video of kids in real-life situations. There you have it. It is simply to make him recognizable over time. Caillou was one of the longest running Canadian educational children TV series. But whether you talk about children or their parents, all of them have one question they want an answer to; why is Caillou bald? 3.7 / 5 Copyright 2020 © Nairobi Wire Media. We love to hear from you.

Caillou’s mom is a bad mom. The issue of Caillou’s baldness is however one that is overlooked by most kids watching the show.

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