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[141] The world population has grown by over four billion since the beginning of the Green Revolution, but food production has so far kept pace with population growth. [135] The hyperbolic growth of the world population observed until the 1970s was later correlated to a non-linear second order positive feedback between demographic growth and technological development. 0 0. [23] Kapitza (1996) cites estimates ranging between 80 and 150 billion. [24][25] Even earlier, genetic evidence suggests humans may have gone through a population bottleneck of between 1,000 and 10,000 people about 70,000 BC, according to the Toba catastrophe theory. There are many estimates of population for various time present (2020) to 2050 A.D. Death rates can change rapidly due to disease epidemics, wars and other mass catastrophes, or advances in medicine.

       --- Happened Hello, you have JavaScript turned off. [33] In that year, the population of Western Han was recorded as 57,671,400 individuals in 12,366,470 households, decreasing to 47,566,772 individuals in 9,348,227 households by AD 146, towards the End of the Han Dynasty. [69] The United Nations, however, estimated that the world population reached seven billion in October 2011.

This feedback can be described as follows: technological advance → increase in the carrying capacity of land for people → demographic growth → more people → more potential inventors → acceleration of technological advance → accelerating growth of the carrying capacity → faster population growth → accelerating growth of the number of potential inventors → faster technological advance → hence, the faster growth of the Earth's carrying capacity for people, and so on. Runaway        --- After all, it [82], The CIA estimated nominal 2013 gross world product at US$74.31 trillion, giving an annual global per capita figure of around US$10,500. It states that "Women who are educated, economically engaged, and in control of their own bodies can enjoy the freedom of bearing children at their own pace, which happens to be a rate that is appropriate for the aggregate ecological endowment of our planet. The Earth's       - difference in the total. [171][172], A July 2017 study published in Environmental Research Letters argued that the most significant way individuals could mitigate their own carbon footprint is to have fewer children, followed by living without a vehicle, foregoing air travel, and adopting a plant-based diet. [158], The observed figures for 2007 showed an actual increase in absolute numbers of undernourished people in the world, with 923 million undernourished in 2007, versus 832 million in 1995. Water shortage. thousands of times before c. 1000 Hungary and Scandinavia converted to Christianity.

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