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ECW popularized the gritty underbelly of wrestling. Younger fans might only know Jerry Lawler as a color commentator. Mondo's been hit with glass, barbed wire and a weed whacker, all in the name of entertainment. For old school wrestlers who specialized in hardcore, Texas Death Match-style bouts, "blading," or the art of intentionally cutting your forehead, was incredibly common. CZW mainstay MASADA has wrestled against a who's who of blood spillers: Necro Butcher, Jun Kasai, Jerry Lynn and Ryuji Ito. Of course, that face has a severely damaged forehead that goes alongside it, and, if you’ve ever seen New Jack wrestle, you should have no question as to why. As he aged, Rhodes' scars commingled with wrinkles, thus making his forehead even more grotesque. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. In a photo that may keep you up all night, the Great Muta aka Keiji Mutoh looks demented.

The fact that he had more than one match like the one in this photo makes it no surprise that his career ended at age 23. It looks more like he's covered in wet paint. And for the uninitiated, who may think wrestlers use ketchup packets or fake blood capsules to birth these gory messes, think again. All rights reserved.Click here for our privacy policy. Perpetually pink, puffy, and deformed, Kanemura's forehead puts on display his long career as a death match wrestler. Necro Butcher went up against one of the most notorious bloodletters in wrestling history. There's enough blood sticking to his forehead to make several donations at the blood bank. His eyes pop through the gore. WWE’s Taping Venues Being Investigated As COVID-19 ‘Hotspots,’ WWE Issues Statement, Jake Hager Accuses WWE Of ‘Lying About Profits So You Can Fire People During A Pandemic’, Second AEW WarnerMedia Show Rumored to Have Been Earmarked for TNT Before Kevin Reilly’s Exit, Chelsea Green Fires Back at Critic Over Advertising Swimsuit Calendar, Shares Bikini Pic, August’s Biggest Albums Reviewed: Metallica’s, The Best Albums Released This Week In Music History: Marvin Gaye, Lauren Hill, More, The Top 10 Festival Headline Performances: Kanye West, Daft Punk, WWE News: The Hurt Business Spoof The Beatles, Today’s Episode of The Bump, NXT Takeover 31 Plaques Will Be Available, Joe Koff Talks About Creating Bubble in ROH To Protect Wrestlers From COVID, Allie Returns To Being The Bunny On Last Night’s AEW Dark, Shane Helms Understands Where WWE Is Coming From With Third Party Platform Edict, Tay Conti Posts New Training Video With Anna Jay, Former WCW Wrestler Johnny Meadows Dies At 59 Due To COVID-19 Complications, The Top 8 Games That Have Been Shut Down: Marvel Avengers Alliance, Disney Infinity, More, The Gamer Parent’s Strategy Guide: Dealing With Backlog, Virtual Basement’s The Wrestling Code Adds Gangrel to Roster, The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon DLC (PS4) Review, 411’s Featherweight MMA Rankings: Brian Ortega, Patricio Friere, More, Jake Hager Set to Compete at Bellator 250, The 411 Ground and Pound MMA Podcast: UFC 254 Preview, UFC on ESPN+ 38 Review, Dana White Releases Cold Open For UFC 254, 411’s UFC on ESPN+ 38 Report: Ortega Wins. . Mick Foley is the undisputed god of hardcore wrestling. This week, we take a look at the eight most unsightly of those foreheads. The heavily scarred Kanemura is no stranger to this kind of match, having fought in deathmatches all across Japan. As much as hardcore fans despise Cena, they have to respect how much of himself he's given to the industry. New Jack, who is known as the man who wielded the blade during the Mass Transit Incident in ECW, as well as the man who has stabbed multiple opponents in the ring, has often used his own forehead as a cutting board.

It has run into his mouth, and he's lucky not to have it flooding his eyes. it’s the distinctive purple “splotch” that appears on his stomach. His brother, Terry, is far more famous for bloody and brutal matches, but here Dory Funk Jr. is seen diving into that crazy world. Brody was a big league bleeder. He almost exclusively relies on blood and weapon shots to get through his appearances, and, though he has a reputation for taking some liberties with opponents and cutting them too deep or hitting them too hard, a close examination of his scars shows that there are very few things that New Jack has done to opponents that he wouldn’t do to himself. He stares at the camera wearing a demonic mask as he clamps his arm around his victim. TNA has tried to take advantage of WWE's no blading policy, trying to fill the fans' thirst for blood. whether they are legitimately busted open or simply smashing blood capsules over their heads. We've seen perhaps the greatest wrestler ever tarnish his legacy with tepid wrestling and the overuse of blood. Aguayo's father, Perro Aguayo Sr., was a big draw in Mexico for several years, famous for brawling and bleeding. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the 8-Ball. He had to do more to win the crowd over. Suffice it to say, Rhodes' forehead was reduced to a jungle of scars after so many years of slicing and dicing. Like Lesnar, Gallagher's ears mark him as a legitimate threat. It's goopy and gross and seems to be sliding into his mouth. The first Hell in a Cell was exciting and bloody and unexpected. The World's Most Entertaining Car Website, 5 WWE Stars Who Rejected TNA (& 5 WCW Wrestlers Who Did), The 9 Best Women In TNA History To Never Win The Knockouts Title, 10 Times The WWE & World Heavyweight Titles Changed Hands On The Same Night, 10 Potential Dark Side Of The Ring Episodes, 10 Most Controversial Things To Happen In AEW, WWE Draft: 5 Acquisitions That Should Compete For The WWE Championship (& 5 For Universal), ECW's 10 Greatest Heels In History, Ranked, 5 WWE World Champions Who Were Better As Intercontinental Champions (& 5 Who Weren't), Shawn Michaels: 5 Best Matches As A Heel (& 5 Best As A Babyface), Hell In A Cell PPV Main Events Ranked From Worst To Best, 5 Female Legends WWE Never Brought Back (& 5 Who Appear Too Much), 5 Things WWE Got Right In The 2020 Draft (& 5 Things They Got Wrong), 5 Times Kenny Omega Was The Best Member Of The Bullet Club (& 5 Times He Was The Worst), 10 Wildest Backstage Stories From WrestleMania, 5 WWE 2020 Draft Picks We Love (& 5 That We Hated), Every Version Of Scott Hall, Ranked From Worst To Best, Every Superstar To Win Championships In Raw, SmackDown & NXT, Ranked, 5 WWE Superstars That Are Booked To Perfection (& 5 Who Deserve Better), 10 Embarrassing Hall Of Famer Stats WWE Wants Fans To Forget. His face looks like he's been bobbing for apples in a bucket of blood. Here, the Dead Man has opened a nasty gash on his forehead. Joined: May 4, 2012 Messages: 6,078 … After they made the cut, the blade would be tossed, often … McMahon, on the other hand, is eager to elevate his product to the point where he'll gladly be stuffed in a garbage can and be elbow dropped through a table. Steve Corino, the “King of Old School,” is the current wrestler who defies this trend. Imagine stumbling onto this without context; it looks like two psychos are just wailing on each other at a soup kitchen. The blood also slides into his wrinkles and scars.

These scars, along with the ones acquired in the ring, give an air of legitimate danger to the sport. His elbow pad and wrist tape are drenched. Necro Butcher is certainly not one for weak stomachs. But now it's disturbing to see a grandfather hold desperately to his fading career, using blood as a crutch. As disturbing as Dreamer's gunshot-like head wound is, the sicker part of this is that he yanks barbed wire around Raven's mouth like a scene out of Hostel. His trademark scars are oozing some goopy stuff for the fans. In this photo, blood has been so smeared into his chest that his skin tone looks pinkened.

He is known for willing to do just about anything to himself and for having an inordinate amount of scars on his body. Copyright © 2020 411mania.com, LLC. When fans think of blood in wrestling, they often think of the pivotal match between Steve Austin and Bret Hart at WrestleMania 13. It looks like he's just bested a beast with a sword rather than defeated a human opponent. The end result is a forehead that only a mother could love.

With his face paint mostly sweated off, Sting feels blood drip down his cheek and stick to his hair. Villano III should have kept the mask on. This one produced this horrific photo op. I have to admit, blood in wrestling captivated me for quite some time as well early in my fandom.

Before the rise of Vince McMahon, Jr., pro wrestling was not obsessed with being cosmetically pleasing. ECW's initial momentum and success had a lot to do with these two men. During that particular match, after a missed spot in the turnbuckle, Sabu's bicep got caught on the barbed wire. . Many of their bouts ended with blood covering most of the ring. Some wrestlers like Abdullah the Butcher, Dusty Rhodes, New Jack, Bruiser Brody, King Curtis Iaukea, Carlos Colón Sr., Perro Aguayo, Devon Hughes (Brother Devon/D-Von Dudley), Ric Flair, Steve Corino, Tarzan Goto, Balls Mahoney, Kintaro Kanemura, Villano III, Ian Rotten, Sabu and Manny Fernandez, have disfiguring scars on their heads from frequently blading throughout their careers. It's an iconic image that sums up Abdullah's career quite well. Back during his days with Extreme Championship Wrestling, Corino frequently bladed. Frankly, New Jack has bladed so many times that even a slight touch to his forehead is liable to produce blood. Abdullah The Butcher's blading history is particularly controversial. The Hardcore Legend went up against the Houdini of Hardcore in a barbed wire match and the blood came pouring. But here he's made a sizable gash in his already heavily scarred forehead. Punk was clearly willing to cut himself open to accomplish that. If his right eye wasn't closed, it'd be filled with blood. Dreamer and Raven weren't the most hardcore members of that roster, but as proven here, they weren't exactly black sheep in that promotion.

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