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This way you should be able to fully restore both your life and magic meters. Ride the elevator down at the end. Quickly run across the collapsing bridge, ignoring the enemies, and on to the next room. Take the elevator down and go left. Keep your wits about you and follow this guide closely. But if you have lives to spare and are up for the ultimate challenge, give it a shot! Cast Jump and then jump up and stab it--you'll get a Red Magic Jar! Travel through the cave north of Nabooru Town to reach the north region. There are two such structures here, containing three Anerus each.

Head to the blocked swamp cave north-west of Bagu's home. If you have eight bars in your magic meter, the Wizard inside will teach you the magic of. This time you'll have to drop off to scroll the Blue Fokka onto the screen, then double back, cast Jump, and leap up to your spot and take out the Blue Fokka there. Ride the elevator down at the end. Before you start destroying the blocks, however, what you'll want to do is create some "steps" as you go inside the structure (defeating the Bots as you go) and then position yourself on the right end of the structure four blocks from the floor. You might get a lucky hit in every now and again, but he'll almost certainly whittle your life away before you can get in enough hits to subdue him. Introduction 2. Page; Discussion; Variants. At the end of this corridor is a Fairy! If you're standing on a structure four blocks tall, you're in the best possible place to fight this thing. For Zelda II: The Adventure of Link on the NES, Guide and Walkthrough by Arestos.

Now backtrack through this room, as well as the room with Fire Bago-Bagos, back to the room with the collapsing bridge. Use the hammer to smash through the woods to reveal the hidden location of New Kasuto Town. Otherwise, use the tried and true method of crouching in the left corner and stabbing. After the cave you'll be at a mountain. There are some information pages for all the characters, enemies, items, and everything else there is to know about the game.

In this form, the boss is invincible, so cast Thunder once it enters--the boss will turn blue and now be vulnerable to your attacks! Don't worry about Reflect in this room; instead just defeat each Aneru as you come to them, taking the upper route. Stay here, crouching and slashing as the Blue Fokka jumps near, and soon it'll be destroyed. Hug the left wall to find you can walk through it (it's a few spaces above the bottom of the screen--I've colored in the false wall for you in the screenshot below). Granted, though, the Great Palace is absolutely massive (it's so big that the palace by itself is considered a kind of "disc 2" for the game as a whole) so if you've made it far within the palace, starting over from the entrance will nevertheless be a stiff penalty. There is no boss here, only a couple Bubbles and a Fokkeru. You'll cross a series of bridges over lava as you're accosted by a Red Fokka. Assuming you've inserted all six crystals in the stone statues at the palaces scattered throughout Hyrule, the barrier will lift, allowing you entry. In the next room, traverse the collapsing bridges over lava, and at the end execute a Downthrust to take out the Aneru below. Take this next elevator down too, and on the next floor, you can walk left through another false wall to a Fokka statue you can strike with the Jump spell to receive a Red Magic Jar. The barrier protecting the Grand Palace will only lift if all six crystals have been inserted in the six palace statues. This guide covers the original NES version of the game released in North America, so be aware there may be regional differences. Use the spell of. Introduction.

This page was last edited on 5 October 2020, at 13:21. Keep moving in this room to evade both the Ras and the Myus.

World map. At the end of this room is an elevator you should ride down. This is a good place to cast Reflect so you can deal with their incoming fire while breaking through the structure and taking out the enemies. If you just want the direct route to the final boss, skip to the next section heading.

Take the elevator down.

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