zeplin vs invision

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Very handy to get feedback before development starts! This helps the dev checking that their integration matches exactly the mockup, for the desired screen sizes. To clarify the need we have on our projects and what we use these platforms for, here is our development workflow: Usually, there is a back-and-forth between devs and designers during the mockup integration phase (4). On InVision, you can see the downloadable assets in the group panel. It's an ideal tool for any designer that wants to improve client/team feedback. These components are reused by the designer on several mockups. Consequently, there are no links between the style guide and the mockups, so it is less maintainable (or takes too much time to maintain) and is less visible for the team.

On InVision,  if you want a style guide you will need to create one from scratch in Sketch. All of the feedback can be captured in one place, which is really helpful in revising designs.

I actually haven't used anything that's similar to InVision, so can't compare. For example: I give permission to a number of people to access the prototype - they can then access it when it is convenient for them. Zeplin/Sketch gif (from an article on how The Create Labs implemented Sketch & Zeplin in their workflow). Custom: on demand. Overall less efficient because the platform is multipurpose and the UX is not focused on mockup integration. Zeplin integrates an interface to create a style guide from imported mockups. That's what gives Zeplin the edge over InVision. All in all, these tools will increase your mockup integration process. Zeplin is, overall, really great for what it’s known for: design handoffs to development teams. This is a basic feature that both platforms allow, but here is what makes Zeplin slightly better: InVision inspector: opacity and left alignment are not useful to have here as these are default values. Supports Sketch and Photoshop (on beta!). This can occur when mockups include features under the testing phase. The designer made a table with header and values on Sketch. The platform detects font properties and colors so the designers can add them to the style guide easily. Deploy your JAMstack app to Netlify in one click from your smartphone, They import the mockup on Zeplin or InVision along with the assets, (They add comments for developers to explain specific behaviors), Devs use the platform to inspect mockups and integrate them, summarising all colors, font styles, components used throughout the app along as their states (idle, disabled, active, loading, success, error...) and variations (primary, secondary, icon only, etc...), explaining to the devs each component behavior without having to repeat it on each mockup, a reference of standard color codes, font sizes, font weights to use in the code, a library of components with the variations and states they can have, a compilation of components behavior so as not to forget any cases, The inspector's panel is more condensed because null properties are hidden. ), (Only on Mac) With the Zeplin desktop app, you can generate a transparent overlay of the design to compare to the actual development. Components and mockup are linked: on the style guide, the developer can see which mockups use which components.

A link to the component style guide from a mockup on Zeplin. After benchmarking the two solutions, our recommendation would be to use Zeplin, as it is more advanced and more convenient for design handoff. They also allow covering edge cases. With Overlay, we can export components from Sketch and get prod ready React/VueJs code.

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